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Hotaki dynasty

Hotaki Empire at its peak (1722-1729)
Hotaki Empire at its peak (1722-1729)
Capital Kandahar
Common languages Pashto
Government Monarchy
Woles Mashar (first)
Shah (second)
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Safavid dynasty
Mughal Empire
Afsharid dynasty
Today part of  Afghanistan

The Hotaki dynasty was founded in 1709 by Mirwais Hotak at Kandahar, Afghanistan. It was made up of ethnic Afghans who belonged to the Hotak tribe of Pashtuns. They revolted and made their land independent from foreign ruler, but later they invaded Persia and defeated the great Persian Empire of the Shi'a Safavids.

Mahmud Hotaki, son of Mirwais, ruled Persia until he died in 1725 and then his cousin Ashraf ruled until 1729 when Nader Shah Afshar defeated him.

The last king was Hussain Hotaki in Kandahar until he was defeated by Nader Shah in 1738.

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