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Pashto in Nastaliq.png
Pashto written in Pashto script (Naskh style).
Native to Afghanistan, Khyber pashtonkhwa, Janobi pashtonkhwa and the Pashtun diaspora
Ethnicity Pashtun people
Native speakers 40–60 million  (2007–2009)
Language family
Standard forms
Central Pashto
Khattak Wola
Other Pashto dialects
Writing system Arabic (Pashto alphabet)
Official status
Official language in  Afghanistan
Recognised minority language in  Pakistan
Regulated by Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan
Pashto Academy (Pakistan)
Linguasphere 58-ABD-a

Pashto (Pushto or Pakhto) is the official language of Afghanistan. It is spoken by the Pashtuns living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. It is the provincial language in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Pashto belongs to the Indo-European languages family. It has two main dialects, western dialect and eastern dialect. The small difference between these two dialects is in the use of sounds.

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