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Jacksonia furcellata
Scientific classification

R.Br. ex Sm.

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Piptomeris Turcz.

Jacksonia is a genus of about forty, mostly leafless broom-like shrubs or small trees in the flowering plant family Fabaceae. The genus is endemic to Australia and species occur in a range of habitats in all Australian states except South Australia.


Plants in the genus Jacksonia are mostly leafless shrubs or small trees with rigid branches, and leaves reduced to small scales. The flowers are arranged in spikes or racemes with small bracts or bracteoles. The sepals are joined to form a short tube and the petals are usually shorter than the sepals. The standard or banner petal is circular or kidney-shaped, the wing petals are oblong and the keel petal is more or less straight and wider than the wings.


The genus Jacksonia was first formally described by James Edward Smith from an unpublished manuscript by Robert Brown. Smith's description was published in 1811 in Rees's Cyclopædia along with a description of J. scoparia and J. spinosa. Smith noted that Brown had named the species "in memory of the late Mr. George Jackson, F.L.S., a man of the most excellent and amiable character, devoted to the science of botany". Jackson had died suddenly at the age of 31, in January of the same year.

Accepted species

Jacksonia comprises the following species:

  • Jacksonia aculeata W.Fitzg.
  • Jacksonia alata Benth.
  • Jacksonia angulata Benth.
  • Jacksonia argentea C.A.Gardner
  • Jacksonia calycina Domin
  • Jacksonia capitata Benth.
  • Jacksonia carduacea Meisn.
  • Jacksonia compressa Turcz.
  • Jacksonia condensata Crisp & J.R.Wheeler
  • Jacksonia cupulifera Meissner
  • Jacksonia dilatata Benth.
  • Jacksonia eremodendron E.Pritz.
  • Jacksonia fasciculata Meisn.
  • Jacksonia floribunda Endl.
  • Jacksonia foliosa Turcz.
  • Jacksonia forrestii F.Muell.
  • Jacksonia furcellata (Bonpl.) DC.—grey stinkwood
  • Jacksonia grevilleoides Turcz.
  • Jacksonia hakeoides Meisn.
  • Jacksonia horrida DC.
  • Jacksonia lehmannii Meisn.
  • Jacksonia macrocalyx Meisn.
  • Jacksonia nematoclada F.Muell.
  • Jacksonia odontoclada Benth.
  • Jacksonia racemosa Meisn.
  • Jacksonia ramosissima Benth.
  • Jacksonia restioides Meisn.
  • Jacksonia rhadinoclada F.Muell.
  • Jacksonia rhadinoclona F.Muell.
  • Jacksonia scoparia Sm.— dogwood
  • Jacksonia sericea Benth.— waldjumi
  • Jacksonia spinosa (Labill.) Sm.
  • Jacksonia stackhousii F.Muell.
  • Jacksonia sternbergiana Benth.— stinkwood, green stinkwood
  • Jacksonia thesioides Benth.
  • Jacksonia velutina Benth.
  • Jacksonia vernicosa Benth.

Species of uncertain taxonomic status

The status of the following species is unresolved:

  • Jacksonia acicularis Chappill
  • Jacksonia anomala Ewart & Morrison
  • Jacksonia anthoclada Chappill
  • Jacksonia arenicola Chappill
  • Jacksonia arida Chappill
  • Jacksonia arnhemica Chappill
  • Jacksonia calcicola Chappill
  • Jacksonia chappilliae C.F.Wilkins
  • Jacksonia debilis Chappill
  • Jacksonia dendrospinosa Chappill
  • Jacksonia divisa Chappill
  • Jacksonia dumosa Meisn.
  • Jacksonia effusa Chappill
  • Jacksonia elongata Chappill
  • Jacksonia epiphyllum Chappill
  • Jacksonia flexuosa Chappill
  • Jacksonia gracillima Chappill
  • Jacksonia grandiflora Paxton
  • Jacksonia hemisericea D.A.Herb.
  • Jacksonia humilis Chappill
  • Jacksonia intricata Chappill
  • Jacksonia jackson Chappill
  • Jacksonia juncea Turcz.
  • Jacksonia lanicarpa Chappill
  • Jacksonia lateritica Chappill
  • Jacksonia macrocarpa Benth.
  • Jacksonia nutans Chappill
  • Jacksonia pendens Chappill
  • Jacksonia petrophiliodes W.Fitzg.
  • Jacksonia petrophiloides W.Fitzg.
  • Jacksonia piptomeris Benth.
  • Jacksonia pungens Chappill
  • Jacksonia quairading Chappill
  • Jacksonia quinkanensis Chappill
  • Jacksonia ramulosa Chappill
  • Jacksonia reclinata Chappill
  • Jacksonia remota Chappill
  • Jacksonia reticulata DC.
  • Jacksonia rigida Chappill
  • Jacksonia rubra Chappill
  • Jacksonia rupestris Chappill
  • Jacksonia spicata Chappill
  • Jacksonia stellaris Chappill
  • Jacksonia tarinensis Chappill
  • Jacksonia velveta Chappill
  • Jacksonia venosa Chappill
  • Jacksonia viminalis A.Cunn. ex Benth.
  • Jacksonia viscosa Chappill
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