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Jelly Jamm
Jelly Jamm.png
Created by
  • Carlos L. Del Rey [es]
  • Victor M. López
  • David Cantolla [es]
Written by P. Kevin Strader
David Sánchez
Directed by
  • Luis Gallego
  • Javier Ledesma
Voices of Lizzie Waterworth
Maria Darling
Emma Weaver
Isabella Blake-Thomas
Adam Longworth
Beth Chalmers
Theme music composer
  • Guille Milkyway
  • Paul Bevoir
Opening theme "Let's Go Together!" by Guille Milkyway and Paul Bevoir
Composer(s) Guille Milkyway
Country of origin
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
Original language(s)
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 78
Executive producer(s)
  • Víctor M. López
  • David Cantolla
  • Steven J. Posner
  • Carolina Matas
  • Salvador Fabregat
Cinematography Vodka Capital
Running time 12 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Vodka Capital
  • 737 SHAKER
Distributor Vodka Capital
Blue Ant Media
Original network Cartoonito (pan-European)
Clan (Spain)
Channel 5 (United Kingdom)
Picture format Widescreen
First shown in Spain
United Kingdom
Middle East
Original release September 5, 2011 (2011-09-05) – May 17, 2013 (2013-05-17)

Jelly Jamm is an animated children's television series created by Carlos L. Del Rey, Victor M. Lopez and David Cantolla. The series is a production of Vodka Capital and 737 SHAKER, two Spanish producers based in Madrid and Segovia respectively, and is co-produced with RTVE; Japanese toy, action figure and video game company Bandai; and Portuguese home entertainment distributor Big Picture. It first aired internationally on Cartoonito and also aired on Milkshake!, a children's programming block by Channel 5 in the UK, as well as airing on Spanish children's television channel Clan.

The intention of Jelly Jamm is to "celebrate music, fun and friendship," and in each episode the characters interact with each other in various games and activities, learning morals and lessons. The show is aimed to kids 4 to 9 years old.

On May 15, 2019, Canadian company Blue Ant Media acquired the distribution rights to the series.


Jelly Jamm takes place on a colorful planet called Jammbo. The series follows the adventures of seven characters: Bello, Goomo, Rita, Mina, Ongo, King and Queen; who live in a small neighborhood on the planet. The planet has a music factory where all music in the universe originates from, and this music is produced continuously through bubbles. If this factory stopped, the characters would turn grey and apathetic, lose their memories and then simply stop moving at all.


List of Jelly Jamm episodes



Jelly Jamm consists of a mostly small cast of characters, mainly featuring the five main child characters, and King and Queen, who are the only major adult characters in the series. They are residents of the planet Jammbo.

  • Bello (voiced by Lizzie Waterworth) is a red male Jammbonian who acts as the leader of the children's friend group. Bello is described to have an insatiable curiosity and boundless energy and a driving force among his friends of whom he keeps close to, in particular, Goomo, his sidekick. Bello enjoys reading comics, particularly his own comic that he draws called "Jammboman", who is his childhood superhero identity. In addition to drawing, he enjoys dancing. His personality, combined with his extensive general knowledge, leads to him being highly involved in the various show's adventures.
  • Goomo (voiced by Maria Darling) is a magenta male Jammbonian who is pretty sensitive, quiet and friendly. He always seeks a quick solution in any conflict to make everyone happy again. His solutions are often based only on feelings, and that makes either things out of control or completely resolved. Goomo is basically a cheerful child who expresses himself freely through dance. He is a little chubby and sometimes has a big appetite, but has shown an interest in exercise. Goomo loves his best friend Bello, and they love to play together, especially when Bello makes Goomo Sidekickman, Jammboman's assistant. He usually wears a helmet to hide his tousled hair, though he's never been seen without it except in silhouette.
  • Mina (voiced by Emma Weaver) is a blue female Jammbonian whose role is to be the brains of the group. She speaks with an unknown foreign (presumed by her to be German when interviewed on a January 2012 edition of Going Live presented by her GL co-presenter Nathan Simpson) accent (though this accent vanishes gradually in the second season starting from the episode Dodo Butterfly (Series 2 Episode 6)), and spends time experimenting and making inventions at home as a scientific and generally curious character. These inventions, combined with her knowledge, frequently help the group, so she is a source of help when others face adversity in the adventures. Mini Mina is a miniature robot likeness of Mina that appears in "Mina's Swing," "Goomo's Birthday" and "Look At Me!", though her first cameo was in "Mina's Party" prior to her proper introduction.
  • Rita (voiced by Isabella Blake-Thomas) is a cute pink female Jammbonian. Rita is small and polite and enjoys playing dress-up with her "Princess" doll. Princess is a stuffed rag-doll and Rita’s best friend. She is sometimes impulsive, which leads her to ignore potential dangers. Rita loves petting Dodos, but sometimes she does it with too much emotion, and makes them flee. Luckily, the little animals run faster than her. She loves tea parties, especially with her princess doll. Her favorite people are the Queen and her hero Bello, and she someday wants to be like them. Rita is considered a simple younger sister.
  • Ongo is a purple male Jammbonian who rarely speaks and mostly communicates through sounds, dance, and music. Being very quiet, he is depicted as highly mysterious, but still expressive. He is the most skilled musician among the characters. He lives in a "house" which he created, consisting mainly of a couch placed among a floor plan of rooms traced in chalk on the ground, without any walls or ceilings.
  • King (voiced by Adam Longworth) is a purple king in purple clothing. He is educated and wise when speaking in public, but in private he is more childish and mischievous. He loves being the king, and decrees things at random. He spends most of his time doing "King Business" (of any kind), but what he likes most is to play video games or look at his amazing collection of toys and objects stored in his gift vault.
  • Queen (voiced by Beth Chalmers) is a purple queen in yellow clothing who works while the King is busy playing: organizing the work of the Dodos, who adore her, and directs the Music Factory to keep running. She loves working in her garden, knitting, and playing castanets as she slightly shakes her hips. She has a strong moral sense, and therefore she is a great guide for children, though she may not always know how to respond to people's questions. According to the King, the Queen was the most naughty girl of all. The "La-La Plants" are a favourite of the queen (not counting the musical bamboo) that appeared in "The Instant Gardener", "Silent Sheriff" and "Tree Mystery."


  • The Dodos – The Dodos are a genus of horn-shaped creatures, described as "the most amazing Jammbo beings." They have black bodies and brightly-coloured faces, typically green, with a hooked tail. They live on the land, in the air, and in the water. Like real mammals, dodos are easily frightened and often flee in groups. Most of them work in the Music Factory, which creates the music in the kingdom. They love music and keep up with it by whistling or singing the chorus. Their most important task is to keep the Music Factory running. From the second season on, the dodos' colours get more varied. There are giant dodos, with blue bodies and light yellow faces, that are always asleep and only wake up if someone bothers them. The dodos are often born green, but change colour if they are of another species such as blue Sky Dodos with wings.
  • Cheating Bracelets – They are one of few entities in Jammbo that are evil. Usually they convince people to use them, often working to trap and win all the time; however, they may never release the user in theory. Cheating Bracelets can speak and have great powers. One managed to convince Rita to use it, and she discovered her mistake too late. Fortunately, Bello found a way to remove the bracelet from Rita and incidentally gave a good lesson to the bracelets.
  • Fred - He is a basketball and a dancer, who wears tap dancing shoes. He appears in the episodes "Cheating Bracelets", "Haunted Castle", "Goomo's Birthday", "The Flying Bathtub", "Dodo Butterfly," "Double Bello", "The Fall of Jammboman" and in the video "You Are Great" as one of the guests at Rita's birthday party.
  • Sun – It is a bright yellow character in the music video "Jump". It serves as a personification of the sun, waking up the main cast in the morning.
  • Taunting Skull – It is a giant skull that loves to taunt adventurers seeking treasures with challenges that test their value. It appears in the episode "One-Eyed Bello".
  • Dodo Dancer – It is a forest dodo that loves music, like every creature in Jammbo, but is noted among other dodos for its unique red dancing suit. It likes many musical genres including rap, and its favourite dance is the Break Dance. It appears in the episodes: "Inventor Bello", "The Flying Bathtub", "Back-Up" and in the video "You Are Great," as one of Rita's birthday party guests.
  • Grandpa Dodo – He is a senile dodo that is thousands of years old, and is purple with a moustache and white hair. He uses a small wooden stick to walk, but above all he is very wise: it is said he is the wisest of all dodos. He nursed Bello since birth (He has many photos of Bello), and is like a grandfather to him. He knows that Bello can be reckless and impatient, but despite this, he is proud of him because he knows he has a big heart, and despite the difficulties, he always makes the right decisions. He appears in the episodes "Grandpa Dodo", "A Day at the Races," "The Assistant Grandpa", "The Plant", "Repetition, Repetition", "Choose Me," "My Turn" and "Holding Hands".


Jelly Jamm is known for its music and songs, either at the beginning, middle or end of each episode. They are also popularly known as "Jelly Songs" or "Jelly Sounds" in the UK.

  • Let's Go Together!
  • Jump!
  • You Are Great
  • Holding Hands (Holding Hands Around The World)
  • It's a Beautiful World
  • Don't be Afraid
  • I Love You (You're My Friend)
  • Just do it!
  • Together we're a team
  • You'd better smile
  • Don't get angry
  • We Did It!
  • So Long


There is a soundtrack called Jelly Jamm's Hit-Jamm! which was released, featuring various famous songs from the hit series.

Songs and special topics

Also during the show and each episode, you can hear other songs like:

  • Flying Bathtub Rap
  • Our Favourite Superheroes
  • Play Time
  • Surfing Jammbo
  • Mina's Lessons
  • Moving Time
  • JammboMan
  • White Dodo
  • Go!
  • Jammbobot
  • Fantastic
  • Half Day
  • Charleston
  • Dodo's Theme


Jelly Jamm has been broadcast on TV stations in more than 150 countries, notably Boomerang (as part of the Cartoonito preschool block), Discovery Kids, and ZooMoo. The series is available in 23 languages in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Africa.

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