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For the "Kashō" era which started in 1106 -- sometimes romanized as "Kajō", see Kashō (late Heian period).

Kashō (嘉祥) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name"), also known as Kajō, after Jōwa and before Ninju. This period started in June 848 and ended in April 851. During this time, the emperors were Ninmyō-tennō (仁明天皇) and Montoku-tennō (文徳天皇).

Events of the 9th century Kashō era

Tenryu-Ji Sakura
In Kashō 3, Tachibana no Kachiko established a Buddhist temple which was a precursor of Tenryū-ji
  • 18 February 848 (Kashō 1, 10th day of the 1st month): Fujiwara Yoshifusa (904-872) was given an important office in the court. Yoshifusa's daughter became Emperor Montoku's wife and the mother of Emperor Seiwa.
  • 848 (Kashō 1, 6th month): A rare white tortoise was discovered in Bungo Province. The tortoise was understood as a sign of good luck.
  • 849 (Kashō 2, 4th month): An ambassador from Baekje was received at court.
  • 849 (Kashō 2, 10th month): Nimmyo's his 40th birthday was an event.
  • 849 (Kashō 2, 11th month): The emperor toured the capital in a grand parade.
  • 850 (Kashō 3, 1st month): The emperor made an official visit to the home of his mother.
  • May 6, 850 (Kashō 3, 21st day of the 3rd month): Emperor Ninmyō died at age 41. The succession (senso) was received by his eldest son. Soon after, Emperor Montoku accepted the monarch's role and duties and powers (sokui). This was confirmed in ceremonies.
  • 850 (Kashō 3, 5th month): Tachibana no Kachiko died. She was the widow of Emperor Saga and the mother of Emperor Ninmyō and the grandmother of Emperor Montoku. She founded a Buddhist temple called Danrin-ji (檀林寺) which evolved into Tenryū-ji (天龍寺) which exists today.

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