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Gender Male
Word/Name Arabic
Meaning "eternal", "endless" or "im-mortal"
Place of origin Arabia (Middle East)
Other names
Related names Khalida (fem.), Halid (Bosnian), Halit (Turkish), Halide (fem.), Xalîd (Kurdish)

Khalid (variants include Khaled and Kalid; Arabic: خالد) is a popular Arabic male given name meaning "eternal, everlasting, immortal", and it also appears as a surname.

Notable persons

  • Khalid bin al-Walid (died 642), Muslim military commander and Companion of Muhammad.
  • Khalid al-Qasri (died 743), Umayyad governor of Mecca and Iraq
  • Khalid ibn Barmak (705–782), first prominent member of the Barmakid family
  • Khalid of Saudi Arabia (1913–1982), the fourth king of Saudi Arabia
  • Khalid ibn Abdullah (1937–2021), a member of House of Saud
  • Khalid Ibrahim (born 1946), Malaysian politician
  • Khaled al-Attiyah (born 1949), Iraqi politician
  • Khaled bin Abdullah (born 1950), son of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
  • Khaled Mashal (born 1956), member of Hamas
  • Khaled al-Harbi (born 1963), associate of Osama Bin Laden
  • Khalid El-Masri (born 1963), German citizen detained and interrogated by the CIA
  • Khaled Ben Mustapha (born 1972), former detainee at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
  • Khalid ibn Ahmad Al Khalifah (1960–), current Foreign Minister of Bahrain
  • Khalid al-Mihdhar (1975–2001), Saudi hijacker in the September 11 attacks
  • Khaled Mosharraf (1937–1975), Bangladeshi war hero
  • Khalid bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (1931–1972), assassinated ruler of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates
  • Khalid Islambouli (1955–1982), assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sadat
  • Khalid Bakdash (1912–1995), former leader of the Syrian Communist Party
  • Khalid Abdul Muhammad (1948–2001), former Nation of Islam member and Black Nationalist
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (born 1964), terrorist claimed to be responsible for masterminding the September 11 attacks
  • Khaled Qasim, Yemeni citizen detained in Guantanamo Bay
  • Khalid Raad, Syrian economist and politician
  • Khaled Kelkal, soldier in the Armed Islamic group of Algeria; he was also responsible for carrying out some bombings in France.
  • Khalid Abdalla (born 1988), British actor
  • Khalid Gonçalves (born 1971), American actor
  • Khaled El Sayed, Lebanese actor and voice actor
  • DJ Khaled (born 1975), American DJ, record producer and radio personality
  • Khaled (musician) (born 1960), formerly known as Cheb Khaled, Algerian raï musician
  • Khalid (singer) (born 1998), American singer and songwriter
  • Khalid Abdel-Gabar (born 1983), Saudi Arabian basketball player
  • Khaled Badra (born 1973), Tunisian football player
  • Khalid Boulahrouz (born 1981), Dutch football player
  • Khaled Fadhel (born 1976), Tunisian football player
  • Khalid Kareem (born 1998), American football player
  • Khalid Khan (born 1971), Hong Kong cricketer
  • Khalid Khannouchi (born 1971), Moroccan American marathoner
  • Khalid Lachheb (born 1975), French pole vaulter
  • Khaled Mahmud (born 1971), Bangladeshi cricket player
  • Khaled Mashud (born 1976), Bangladeshi cricket player
  • Khaled Mouelhi (born 1981), Tunisian football player
  • Khalidou Sissokho (born 1978), Senegalese footballer
  • Khalid Skah (born 1967), Moroccan athlete
  • Khalid (1930-1994), Indian novelist in Malayalam-language
  • Khaled bin Sinan (pre-7th century), historic figure of pre-Islamic Arabia, and a disputed prophet in Islam
  • Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal (born 1978), Saudi entrepreneur and prince of the House of Saud
  • Khalid bin Mahfouz (1949-2009), Saudi Arabian businessman suspected of having links to terrorism
  • Ahmad Khaled Towfeq (1962-2018), Egyptian novelist
  • Khaled Abou Al-Fadl (born 1963), professor at the UCLA School of Law
  • Khaled Abu Toameh (born 1963), Israeli journalist
  • Khalid Adem (born 1975), American convict
  • Khalid Amayreh (born 1957), Palestinian journalist
  • Khâlid-i Baghdâdî, Ottoman mystic founding the Khalidi branch of the Naqshbandi Sufi order
  • Khaled Hosseini (born 1965), Afghan-American physician and author
  • Khalid ibn Yazid, seventh century alchemist
  • Khaled Mardam-Bey, creator of mIRC
  • Khalid Sharrouf (born 1981), Australian Arab hate speaker and terror suspect


  • Aisha Khalid (born 1972), Pakistani artist
  • Amr Khaled (born 1967), Islamic preacher
  • Hassan Khaled (1921-1989), former leader of Lebanon's Sunni Muslim community
  • Leila Khaled (born 1944), former member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Nazim Khaled, French singer, songwriter and composer
  • Waleed Khaled (died 2005), journalist killed by American soldiers during the Iraq War

Notable animals

  • Khaled (horse), a Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Khaled 5, an Arabian horse noted as a major sire in the early 1900s.
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