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Kleo the Misfit Unicorn
DVD Cover
Created by Gordon Stanfield
Starring Saffron Henderson
Mickey Rooney
David Kaye
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 26
Executive producer(s) Gordon Stanfield
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Family
Treehouse TV
TVO Kids
Original release 1997 (1997)

Kleo the Misfit Unicorn is Canadian children's animated series. A television pilot episode for the series aired in 1997, and Kleo the Misfit Unicorn became a regular series in 1998.


The series takes place in the fictional world of Misfitland, populated by 'misfits', an eclectic group of characters notable for their unique traits that distinguish them from other members of their species. Kleo is a unicorn charged with aiding those who accidentally arrive in Misfitland in returning to their home worlds.


Misfitland (Ir)Regulars

These are the key misfits who have chosen to stay in Misfitland indefinitely. They each represent a different aspect of what it can mean to be a misfit.

Kleo (The Misfit Unicorn)
The only winged unicorn in existence. She is the star of the show, sent from the unicorn home world of ZaZma on a special mission: to aid the departure of those who arrive in Misfitland, but don't really belong there. She is the misfits' leader, and she becomes more assured in her role.
Slim (The Striped Hippo)
Slim talks pretty tough, with his gruff, Texan accent, but underneath the bluster, he's about as together as Yugoslavia. His inside often comes outside in moments of crisis. Nevertheless, no matter what his mood, he's always ready to help a friend, or a stranger, for that matter, and when it comes down to the crunch, his size and brute strength can come in handy.
Henry (The walking fish)
An upper-class English eccentric in the form of a fish that walks and lives in a tree. Henry considers misfitdom to be an exalted state, a cut above the common. In fact, he feels a snobbish, patrician pity for those poor souls who must "languish in conformity". Henry is supremely self-assured, and he (almost) always justifies that assurance, with grace and style to boot.
The Wannabee (The Shapeshifting Bee)
Convinced that "Nobody except beekeepers likes beez", The Bumbling Wannabee has, through the force of sheer insecurity, somehow achieved a chameleon-like ability to shape and voice-shift to whomever he's buzzing around at the time. Unfortunately, the impression is never perfect—no matter who he's imitating, he can't quite hide his wings, and his eyes alway stay a bit buggy. Also, whatever accent he puts on, there's a little bit of a buzz to it that he can't disguise. Things often go wrong around the Wannabee because he's too eager to please, and much too easily led, but no one ever doubts his good (though usually misguided) intentions.
Lyle (The unfierce Dragon)
Imagine the most horrifying reptilian monstrosity you've ever seen. Now imagine it wearing an apron and a friendly smile, offering you a fresh-made batch of chocolate chip cookies. Lyle is huge, with great, big, sharp teeth and impenetrable scales, but he's as unfierce as they come. He enjoys decorating his lair, and prefers to use his fiery breath for low-level convection, rather than crisping maidens, etc. Other dragons shun him for his friendly, tame ways, but that doesn't bother Lyle. He has plenty of friends in Misfitland. He doesn't appear in every episode, just a few here and there.
Jazz Cat (The color changing Cat)
Jazz Cat plays cool smooth jazz as his colors change softly.


  • Kleo's mother
  • Kleo's father
  • Justin (Strong)
  • Tara (Swift)
  • Macy (Skeptic)
  • Felto (Teaser)
  • Talbut - The bearded boss unicorn

Misfit Visitors

  • George
  • Marcus
  • Emily
  • Rosie
  • Gong Li
  • Thomas Edison
  • Jenny
  • William Shakespeare
  • Sami the seal
  • Sabrina the Snake
  • Ena the Hyena
  • Hilda the Raccoon
  • Margery the Cheetah
  • Jubilee Dancer the Racehorse
  • Maggie the Magpie

Episode list

# Title Original airdate
1 "Someday I'll Fly" TBA
Kleo, afraid to fly, meets a young boy named George who is afraid of water. Together they learn to overcome their fears.
2 "Dragon Catcher" TBA
Kleo meets Marcus, a knight in training with a compassionate heart. When Marcus refuses to catch a fox, the other squires mistake this for cowardice.
3 "Chicken Girl" TBA
Kleo helps a young cowgirl, "Rosie" with dreams of being a rodeo star. The local kids tease her because Rosie is a chicken farmer and they don't think chickens are cool.
4 "Misfit Artists" TBA
Kleo helps two artists in Misfitland. Jenny is losing pride in her work because of a critical teacher. When Senior Wavy appears, they both learn a valuable lesson in being unique.
5 "Kleo to the Rescue" TBA
Talbut has been kidnapped. Kleo embarks on a dangerous mission to save him from the Cyclops. Kleo helps Cyclops to stop bullying his friends and save Talbut.
6 "Perfect to a Fault" TBA
Kleo meets Hilda, a neat-freak who lives in a garbage dump. Hilda ends up in Misfitland and begins offering her services to those who don't want it.
7 "The Jester and the King" TBA
Kleo travels to Marmalania and meets a Jester and a King. When the two switch places they learn that looking below the surface can reveal your true self.
8 "Thomas and Kleo" TBA
Kleo meets a young boy named Thomas who wants to give up inventing. When his inventions don't work, Thomas is discouraged, but he soon learns not to give up.
9 "Words of Wisdom" TBA
Kleo travels to Elizabethan England and finds a young William Shakespeare. His mind is so full of ideas that they get out of hand. Kleo helps him learn to start one project at a time and finish it first before he stars another one.
10 "The Jade Carving" TBA
Kleo goes back in time to the Ming Dynasty to help Gong Li a confused girl. She accidentally broke her Grandfather's jade carving and can't bring herself to confess.
11 "The Emperor of Surtan" TBA
A new misfit comes and wants to rule all of Misfitland. He is actually the Emperors reflection from the garden pool and has convinced Kleo not to see Talbut.
12 "Jazz and Blues" TBA
Sabrina is a very gifted musician but sometimes she boasts too much about her talent. She arrives in Misfitland and has nothing good to say about their Talent Show.
13 "The Pride of Small Potatoes" TBA
Jubilee Dancer is being pressured by her owner Mrs. Piggot to become one of the fastest racehorses in the country like her sister Golden Bound.
14 "Pot O' Gold" TBA
Finnagan the Leprechaun arrives in Misfitland in search of Gold. He also gives everyone else Gold Fever (except Kleo) and now they're all looking for gold.
15 "Daughter Nature" TBA
The Earth is in trouble! Mother Nature is retiring and her daughter Dot would rather mess up everything than cleaning up pollution.
16 "For Whom the Bell Trolls" TBA
Harold is made fun of by his friends because he looks different from the others but actually he's a troll he just doesn't know it yet.
17 "Maggie Magpie" TBA
Kleo helps a misfit bird named Maggie Magpie who has a fondness for shiny objects. Kleo helps show Maggie that stealing is wrong.
18 "Ena the Hyena" TBA
Ena the laughing Hyena likes to tell jokes but they are only funny to her. She comes to Misfitland and the Misfits help her find a proper sense of humor.
19 "Marcia Chronicles" TBA
A Martian named Marcia needs to send a message to Earth but needs Kleo's help. Slim, Henry and Wannabee think it's an Alien invasion and try to rescue Kleo.
20 "Seal of Approval" TBA
It's Sports Day in Misfitland. Kleo and Sami the seal demonstrate their special talents but one is always in the spotlight.
21 "Billy Bigfoot" TBA
Billy is a Bigfoot from BC. His little Sister Kimberly gets more attention than he does and he becomes angry and envious. Kimberly is caught by some Bigfoot trackers and Billy doesn't want to save her until Kleo melts his jealousy.
22 "Amazingly Frank" TBA
Frank is a tiny flea who wants to join the Big Show Circus, but is unwanted. The Misfits help to perfect his act and now he must show the Circus master that he is ready.
23 "Mike the Magnificent" TBA
Mike the Magnificent is Slim's hero. Mike gets amnesia. The Misfits help him remember who he is and Mike returns to again save the Universe.
24 "Waiting for Kleo" TBA
Margery thinks she is the fastest cheetah. Her impatience comes crashing down on her as she gets herself and the Misfits into a sticky situation.
25 "The Tell-Tale Tail" TBA
Conrad wins The Fastest Swinging Monkey Competition but only because he cheated. His tail is against him too and the Misfits try to teach Conrad to be a good sport.
26 "The Reindeer Herder's Daughter" TBA
Emily doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas and wants all those toys for herself. Kleo takes Emily to see the children around the world who are waiting for the toys.
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