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Caranx koheru Hector, 1875

The koheru (Decapterus koheru) is a ray-finned fish of the genus Decapterus, part of the family Carangidae. It is endemic to New Zealand where it occurs from Three Kings Island to southern North Island. This is a schooling, pelagic species of coastal waters where it is found within shallow bays, harbours, estuaries and near rocky reefs and offshore islands at depths pf between 2 and 90 metres (6.6 and 295.3 ft). Juveniles prefer rocky inshore areas, while adults are known to form dense schools in offshore waters. The maximum fork length is 40.3 centimetres (15.9 in). They live to around 10 years and juveniles growth quickly, attaining a fork length of 37 centimetres (15 in) by the time they are three years old. They feed on zooplankton. It is a species of minor interest to commercial fisheries but is taken by recreational anglers.

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