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Lenzburg Castle
Schloss Lenzburg - Gesamtansicht1.jpg
Lenzburg Castle from the southeast
Coordinates 47°23′15″N 8°11′08″E / 47.38738°N 8.18548°E / 47.38738; 8.18548Coordinates: 47°23′15″N 8°11′08″E / 47.38738°N 8.18548°E / 47.38738; 8.18548
Type hill castle
Code CH-AG
Height 508 m above the sea
Site information
Condition preserved
Site history
Built before 1036

Lenzburg Castle (German: Schloss Lenzburg) is a castle located above the old part of the town of Lenzburg in the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland. It ranks among the oldest and most important of Switzerland. The castle stands on the almost circular castle hill (altitude: 504 m), which rises approximately 100 m (330 ft) over the surrounding plain but is only about 250 m (820 ft) in diameter. The oldest parts of the castle date to the 11th century, when the Counts of Lenzburg built it as their seat. The castle, its historical museum and the castle hill with its Neolithic burial grounds are listed as heritage sites of national significance.


The prominent hill was already a settlement site in prehistoric times. For example, in 1959 a Neolithic gravesite was uncovered in the carpark. There have also been small discoveries from the Roman and Alemannic eras.

A legend tells that there was once a dragon living in a cave in the hillside, who was defeated by two knights, Wolfram and Guntram. The grateful people made the two Counts of Lenzburg and gave them permission to build a castle on the hilltop.

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