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Leshy (1906)

Leshy (Polish: Leszy, in English sometimes spelled Leshii or Leszi) is a mythical creature that appears in Slavic mythology. It is also the subject in “The Witcher” Saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

A Leshy is male and human in shape and can assume any form. A Leshy can change in size and height. In some accounts, the leshy is described as having a wife (leshachikha/leszachka/lesovikha) and children (leshonki/leszonky).

In mythology

In beliefs of Slavic people, Leshy appears in forests. He’s kind of a protector of the forest and everything that lives in it. His natural form looks like a human but he can easily shapeshift into any plant or animal. A Leshy has long hair and beard made of grass. It can appear in human shape or can change in size from a tall tree to a single blade of grass.

A Leshy in Russia

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