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This article refers to the British political party. For similarly named parties in other countries, see Liberalism.
Tim farron 2014
Tim Farron is the current leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Nick Clegg by the 2009 budget cropped
Nick Clegg was the Leader of the Liberal Democrats and was also the Deputy Prime Minister from May 2010 - May 2015.

The Liberal Democrats, often shortened to Lib Dems, is a centrist political party in the United Kingdom that promotes liberal policies. Its leader is Tim Farron. It was started on 2 March 1988 by joining the Liberal Party, which had been a powerful political party in Britain in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the Social Democratic Party, which had been formed from the Labour Party in 1981. The two parties had already been working together for seven years.

The Liberal Democrats are strong supporters of the European Union, as well as environmentalism and they are in favour of creating a new British House of Commons which is elected using proportional representation.

The party has 8 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons, 105 out of 793 seats in the House of Lords, 1 out of 73 British seats in the European Parliament, 5 out of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament and 5 out of 60 seats in the Welsh Assembly. The party was in a coalition government with the Conservative Party and the party leader Nick Clegg was the Deputy Prime Minister until the May 2015 General Election.


Most Liberal Democrats believe in the following things:

Party officials

Elected officials within the party

Former party leaders

Asterisk (*) means that this person was an interim leader, meaning he was just standing in as leader because the previous leader resigned.

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