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This article lists the individuals who have served as Governor of Oregon from the establishment of the Provisional Government in 1843 to the present day.

Other high offices held

This is a table of congressional seats, other federal offices, and other governorships held by governors. All representatives and senators mentioned represented Oregon except where noted.

Denotes those offices that the governor resigned to take.
Governor Gubernatorial term U.S. Congress Other offices held Source
House Senate
Joseph Lane 1848–1850
S Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives from Oregon Territory
John P. Gaines 1850–1853 U.S. Representative from Kentucky
John W. Davis 1853–1854 U.S. Representative from Indiana; United States Commissioner to China
John Whiteaker 1859–1862 H
George L. Woods 1911–1915 Governor of Utah Territory
La Fayette Grover 1866–1877 H S|
William Paine Lord 1895–1899 United States Minister to Argentina
George Chamberlain 1903–1909 S|
Walter M. Pierce 1923–1927 H
Charles H. Martin 1935–1939 H
Douglas McKay 1949–1952 United States Secretary of the Interior|align="center"|
Mark Hatfield 1959–1967 S
Neil Goldschmidt 1987–1991 United States Secretary of Transportation
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