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This is a list of State Register of Heritage Places in the Shire of Murray, Western Australia. The State Register of Heritage Places is maintained by the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

As of 2020, 128 places are heritage-listed in the Shire of Murray,


The Western Australian State Register of Heritage Places, as of 2020, lists the following 13 state registered places within the Shire of Murray:

Place name Place # Location Suburb or town Co-ordinates Built State
Notes Photo
Cooper's Mill 1771 Cooleenup Island South Yunderup 32°34′35″S 115°45′55″E / 32.57639°S 115.76528°E / -32.57639; 115.76528 (Cooper's Mill) 1843 9 May 1997
  • The mill is believed to be the first flour mill constructed in the district and the only one of those still in existence
Cooper's Mill, South Yunderup, February 2020 01.jpg
Creaton Ruins 1757 351 Paterson Road Ravenswood 32°35′50″S 115°52′43″E / 32.59722°S 115.87861°E / -32.59722; 115.87861 (Creaton Ruins) 1856 2 September 1997
  • Also referred to as Creaton Estate
  • Ruin of a single-story Victorian Regency style farmhouse with associated buildings
Creaton Ruins, Ravenswood, April 2020 03.jpg
Edenvale 1753 George Street Pinjarra 32°37′38″S 115°52′32″E / 32.62722°S 115.87556°E / -32.62722; 115.87556 (Edenvale) 1890
  • Part of Edenvale Group Precinct (1753)
Edenvale Homestead, Pinjarra.jpg
Edenvale Group 1798 Henry Street Pinjarra 32°37′38″S 115°52′32″E / 32.62722°S 115.87556°E / -32.62722; 115.87556 (Edenvale Group) 1865 23 May 1995
  • Consists of:
    • Liveringa, an example of Old Colonial Georgian house with surrounding verandahs, dating back to 1865
    • Edenvale, an unusual rural example of the Victorian Regency style of architecture, dating back to 1888
    • These, alongside St. John's Church and the Old Pinjarra School, form the Edenvale Historic Precinct
Liveringa Homestead, Pinjarra, February 2020.jpg
Fairbridge Farm School 1762 Fairbridge Road Fairbridge 32°36′12″S 115°56′46″E / 32.60333°S 115.94611°E / -32.60333; 115.94611 (Fairbridge Farm School) 1920 2 June 1998
  • Also referred to as Fairbridge Village
  • Consists of the Church of the Holy Innocents and graveyard, a rectory, school house and classrooms rooms, laundry, pump house, staff quarters, cottages, principal and assistant principal houses, dairy and dairyman's house, engineer's house, farm manager's house, office and men's quarters
Fairbridge church.jpg
Marrinup Prisoner of War Camp 3103 Forest Block No 23 Marrinup 32°41′38″S 116°01′34″E / 32.69389°S 116.02611°E / -32.69389; 116.02611 (Marrinup Prisoner of War Camp) 1943 4 April 1996
  • In ruined condition
  • The only example of a permanent specialised prisoner of war camp in Western Australia, capable of housing 600 German and Italian POWs
Marrinup Prisoner of War Camp, August 2020 02.jpg
Masonic Hall 1758 1922 Pinjarra Road Pinjarra 32°37′46″S 115°52′22″E / 32.62944°S 115.87278°E / -32.62944; 115.87278 (Masonic Hall) 1903 5 January 2001
  • Also referred to as Masonic Lodge
  • Possibly the only Masonic Lodge Hall in Western Australia constructed in Federation Gothic style
Masonic Hall, Pinjarra, April 2020 04.jpg
Old Blythewood 1763 6161 South Western Highway Blythewood 32°39′44″S 115°52′01″E / 32.66222°S 115.86694°E / -32.66222; 115.86694 (Old Blythewood) 1845 8 October 1996
  • Also referred to as Pinjarra Arms Hotel
  • A Flemish bond brick and shingle house, outbuildings and associated garden
Blythewood 01 gnangarra.JPG
Pinjarra Court House 1748 22 George Street Pinjarra 32°37′44″S 115°52′30″E / 32.62889°S 115.87500°E / -32.62889; 115.87500 (Pinjarra Court House) 1935 13 May 2005
  • Probably the only court house in Western Australia in Inter-War Georgian Revival style
Pinjarra Court House, April 2020 02.jpg
Pinjarra Massacre Site 3957 McLarty Road Pinjarra 32°38′29″S 115°52′10″E / 32.64139°S 115.86944°E / -32.64139; 115.86944 (Pinjarra Massacre Site) 18 December 2007
  • Also referred to as Battle of Pinjarra Memorial Area, Pinjarra Massacre Memorial Site
  • Memorial site, part of the locations where the Bindjareb Nyungars were killed in the attack by a group of white Europeans on 28 October 1834
Pinjarra Massacre Site, August 2020 01.jpg
Pinjarra Post Office 1749 20 George Street Pinjarra 32°37′43″S 115°52′30″E / 32.62861°S 115.87500°E / -32.62861; 115.87500 (Pinjarra Post Office) 1896 10 October 1995
  • Rare example of a Federation Arts and Crafts style civic building
Pinjarra Post Office, February 2020.jpg
Pinjarra Railway Yards 3097 Lots 361-363 Pinjarra-Williams Road Pinjarra 32°37′45″S 115°52′48″E / 32.62917°S 115.88000°E / -32.62917; 115.88000 (Pinjarra Railway Yards) 1893 12 May 2000
  • Also referred to as Hotham Valley Tourist Railway, Pinjarra Railway Station Precinct
  • Representative of the importance of the railway system in the development of regional Western Australia
  • Continues to be used by an operating tourist railway, the Hotham Valley Railway
Pinjarra railway station, November 2019 02.jpg
Saumerez Cottage 3953 South Western Highway Fairbridge 32°36′12″S 115°56′56″E / 32.60333°S 115.94889°E / -32.60333; 115.94889 (Saumerez Cottage)
  • Part of Fairbridge Farm School Precinct (1762)
Saumerez Cottage, December 2020 01.jpg
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