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Lincolnshire is an English ceremonial county consisting of the North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire unitary authorities and the non-metropolitan Lincolnshire County Council, made up of six districts (Boston, East Lindsey, North Kesteven, South Holland, South Kesteven and West Lindsey) and the City of Lincoln. The non-metropolitan county is in the East Midlands, while the two unitary authorities are part of the Yorkshire and Humber region. Bound to the south by Rutland, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire, to the south-east by Norfolk and to the west by Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire's eastern edge follows the coastline with the North Sea and the southern bank of the River Humber to the north. The county's area is the fourth largest in England, but its population, at 714,800, is only the 14th highest.

Local nature reserves (LNRs) are designated by local authorities under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. The local authority must have legal control over the site, by owning or leasing it or having an agreement with the owner. LNRs are sites which have a special local interest either biologically or geologically, and local authorities have a duty to care for them. They can apply local bye-laws to manage and protect LNRs. As of January 2018, Lincolnshire has 32 designated Local Nature Reserves.


Site Photograph Area Location Declaring authority Other classifications Map Details Description Ref
Atkinsons Warren Atkinson's Warren 32.8 hectares Ferry Road, Scunthorpe

SE 877 121

North Lincolnshire Council
Axholme Line-Haxey 7.23 hectares Isle of Axholme, Haxey Village

SE 773 005

North Lincolnshire Council
Bradley and Dixon Woods Entrance to Bradley Woods 41.77 hectares South of Grimsby

TA 242 058

North East Lincolnshire Council
Brumby Wood Brumby Wood 21.84 hectares Scunthorpe

SE 880 103

North Lincolnshire Council
Cleethorpes Country Park The lake at Cleethorpes Country Park 62.01 hectares Between Cleethorpes and Humberston

TA 304 067

North East Lincolnshire Council
Cleethorpes Sands 457.24 hectares Cleethorpes

TA 325 070

North East Lincolnshire Council Humber Estuary SSSI, Humber Estuary Ramsar, Humber Estuary SAC, Humber Estuary SPA
Conesby ? SE 891 146 Lincolnshire County Council
Cross O'Cliff Orchard 1.70 hectares Off Cross O'Cliff Hill, Lincoln

SK 975 688

Lincolnshire County Council
Far Ings Far Ings Nature Reserve - - 848816.jpg 15.15 hectares Barton-upon-Humber

TA 010 228

North Lincolnshire Council
Frodingham Railway Cutting 1.73 hectares Scunthorpe

SE 889 106

North Lincolnshire Council
Havenside 18.91 hectares Fishtoft

TF 350 415

Boston Borough Council
Lollycocks Field Lollycocks Pond, Lollycocks Field 2.15 hectares Sleaford

TF 074 459

North Kesteven District Council
Mareham Pastures 11.00 hectares Sleaford

TF 073 446

Lincolnshire County Council
Owlet Plantation 50.28 hectares Blyton

SK 829 952

Lincolnshire County Council
Owston Ferry Castle Ruins of Owston Ferry Castle 0.90 hectares Owston Ferry

SE 804 002

North Lincolnshire Council
Phoenix 24.10 hectares SE 878 140
Phoenix Parkway 20.81 hectares Scunthorpe

SE 880 133

North Lincolnshire District Council
Red Hill 2.87 hectares Goulceby

TF 264 877

Lincolnshire County Council
Sawcliffe 14.86 hectares Scunthorpe

SE 903 132

North Lincolnshire Council
Silica Lodge 9.49 hectares Scunthorpe

SE 876 078

North Lincolnshire Council
Snipe Dales Snipe Dales 82.16 hectares Lusby with Winceby

(near Hagworthingham)

F 319 683

Lincolnshire County Council
South Thoresby Warren 12.43 hectares South Thoresby

TF 394 762

Lincolnshire County Council
Stanton's Pit Stanton's Pit 8.05 hectares Little Bytham

TF 032 174

Lincolnshire County Council
Swanholme Lakes Swanholme Lakes - - 50380.jpg 52.51 hectares Lincoln

SK 944 685

City of Lincoln Council
The Pingle 3.42 hectares Coningsby

TF 230 854

East Lindsey District Council
The Shrubberies 4.39 hectares Long Sutton

TF 425 234

Lincolnshire County Council
Theaker Avenue 2.25 hectares Gainsborough

SK 830 903

West Lindsey District Council
Vernatts Drain 1.68 hectares Spalding

TF 249 240

South Holland District Council
Water's Edge Country Park Waters' Edge Country Park, Barton Upon Humber - - 278099.jpg 41.46 hectares Barton-upon-Humber

TA 030 231

North Lincolnshire Council
Weelsby Woods Park Weelsby Woods - - 1079017.jpg 34.7 hectares Grimsby

TA 285 076

North East Lincolnshire Council
Whisby Nature Park Whisby Nature Park.jpg 107.57 hectares Thorpe-on-the-Hill

SK 912 662

North Kesteven District Council
Willoughby Branch Line 6.24 hectares Willoughby

TF 472 734

Lincolnshire County Council
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