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List of public art in Charleston, South Carolina facts for kids

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This is a list of public art in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. This list applies only to works of public art on permanent display in an outdoor public space. For example, this does not include artworks in museums. Public art may include sculptures, statues, monuments, memorials, murals, and mosaics.

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Dimensions Designation Owner / administrator Wikidata Notes
DofC Monument in Charleston SC.jpg
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Confederate Defenders of Charleston White Point Garden

32°46.165′N 79°55.743′W / 32.769417°N 79.929050°W / 32.769417; -79.929050
October 20, 1932 Hermon Atkins MacNeil Monument Bronze
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Denmark Vesey Monument Hampton Park

32°48′01″N 79°57′18″W / 32.80028°N 79.95500°W / 32.80028; -79.95500
February 15, 2014 Ed Dwight Monument Bronze
Charleston marion square3.jpg John C. Calhoun Monument Marion Square

32°47′12″N 79°56′7″W / 32.78667°N 79.93528°W / 32.78667; -79.93528
June 27, 1896 Daniel A. J. Sullivan Monument Removed in 2020 during the George Floyd protests.
Moultrie Monument.JPG
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Statue of William Moultrie White Point Garden

32°46′11″N 79°55′44″W / 32.76972°N 79.92889°W / 32.76972; -79.92889
June 28, 2007 John Ney Michel
Christopher Liberatos
White Point Garden, Defenders of Fort Moultrie.jpg
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The Defenders of Fort Moultrie White Point Garden

32°46′11″N 79°55′46″W / 32.76972°N 79.92944°W / 32.76972; -79.92944
June 28, 1877 Monument
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