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Louis de Bourbon
Duke of Bourbon
Prince of Condé
Undated copy of a painting of Louis, Prince of Condé after Hyacinthe Rigaud.jpg
Born (1668-11-10)10 November 1668
Hôtel de Condé, Paris, France
Died 4 March 1710(1710-03-04) (aged 41)
Palace of Versailles, France
Spouse Louise Françoise de Bourbon
Issue Marie Gabrielle Éléonore, Mademoiselle de Condé
Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon
Louise Élisabeth, Princess of Conti
Louise Anne, Mademoiselle de Charolais
Marie Anne, Mademoiselle de Clermont
Charles, Count of Charolais
Henriette Louise, Mademioselle de Vermandois
Élisabeth Alexandrine, Mademoiselle de Sens
Louis, Count of Clermont
Full name
Louis de Bourbon
Father Henri Jules, Prince of Condé
Mother Anne of Bavaria

Louis III de Bourbon, (10 November 1668 - 4 March 1710) was a Prince of the blood at the French court of Louis XIV. Styled as the Duke of Bourbon from birth, he succeeded his father as Prince of Condé in 1709. He was commonly called Monsieur le Duc. However, he was known by the lesser ducal title. He was prince for less than a year. As a member of the reigning House of Bourbon, he was a prince du sang. He was governor of Burgundy from 1709–1710. He was forced to marry an illegitimate daughter of Louis XIV.


  1. Marie Gabrielle Éléonore de Bourbon known as "Mademoiselle de Condé" (22 December 1690 - 30 August 1760) died unmarried.
  2. Louis Henri, Duke of Bourbon (18 August 1692 - 27 January 1740) married Marie Anne de Bourbon (1689–1720) and had no children. Later married Princess Caroline of Hesse-Rotenburg and had children.
  3. Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon, known as "Mademoiselle de Bourbon" (22 November 1693 – 27 May 1775) married Louis Armand, Prince of Conti and had children.
  4. Louise Anne de Bourbon known as "Mademoiselle de Charolais" (23 June 1695 - 8 April 1758) died unmarried.
  5. Marie Anne de Bourbon known as "Mademoiselle de Clermont" (16 October 1697 - 11 August 1741) secretly married Louis de Melun, Duke of Joyeuse.
  6. Charles de Bourbon, Count of Charolais (19 June 1700 - 23 July 1760) secretly married Jeanne de Valois Saint Remy and had illegitimate children.
  7. Henriette Louise de Bourbon, Mademoiselle de Vermandois (15 January 1703 - 19 September 1772) died unmarried.
  8. Élisabeth Alexandrine de Bourbon known as "Mademoiselle de Sens" (15 September 1705 - 15 April 1765) died unmarried and childless.
  9. Louis de Bourbon, Count of Clermont (15 June 1709 - 16 June 1771) died unmarried and childless.

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