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The Most Serene House of Bourbon-Condé
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Crown of a Prince of the Blood of France (variant).svg
Arms of Henri de Conde.svg
Country: Condé-en-Brie, France
Parent House: House of Bourbon
Titles: Prince of Condé
Prince of Conti
Prince of La Roche-sur-Yon
Duke of Enghien
Duke of Bourbon
Duke of Montmorency
Duke of Mercœur
Marquis of Graville
Count of La Marche
Count of Pézenas
Count of Alais
Count of Clermont
First Prince of the blood
Founder: Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé
Current Head: Louis Joseph II de Bourbon, Prince of Condé
Founding Year: 1557
Ethnicity: French
Cadet Branches: Princes of Conti
Counts of Soissons

The title of Prince of Condé was a title used in France while the country was a monarchy For example prior to 1793. The holder of the title was a member of the extended royal family and therefore held the rank and further title of prince of the blood and the style of Serene Highness but the style was only used when in writing. The holder of the title also held the important further rank of First Prince of the blood. The heir was usually given the title of Duke of Bourbon and at other times the Duke of Enghien. The title was only to be inherited by the male line as females were expelled from to succeeding to titles. The title existed for almost two centuries and during that time the prince was one of the highest ranking prince behind that of the actual royal family.

Over the years the princes were used to make political and financial marriages with member of the wealthy French nobility as well as princesses of other European ruling houses. The prince was a member of the French House of Bourbon.

  1. Louis de Bourbon (1546-1569) Founder of the line and a younger son of a Queen of Navarre and from which the Count of Soissons line descends.
  2. Henri de Bourbon (1569–1588) A Lieutenant General of New France (Modern day Canada)
  3. Henri de Bourbon (1588–1646) It is from him that the Princes of Conti descend.
  4. Louis, Grand Condé (1646–1686) famous military man during the reign of Louis XIV.
  5. Henri Jules de Bourbon (1686–1709) famous for his madness.
  6. Louis de Bourbon (1709–1710) forced to make a marriage with an illegitimate daughter of Louis XIV.
  7. Louis Henri de Bourbon (1710–1740) known better as the Duke of Bourbon. He was also a Prime Minister of France during the reign of Louis XV
  8. Louis Joseph (1740–1818)
  9. Louis Henri (1818–1830). Last Bourbon Prince of Condé
  10. Prince Louis of Orléans (1845–1866). A son of Louis Philippe I and given the title by courtesy. Not due to male line descent.

Small note

Princes and princesses of this line of the House of Bourbon are often incorrectly surnamed as "Bourbon-Condé". Which is incorrect. Their surname was just "de Bourbon".

Princes of Condé

First creation: 1546–1830 – House of Bourbon

Name Portrait Lifespan Parents
Louis I de Bourbon
Louis prince de Condé.jpg May 7, 1530 –
March 13, 1569
Charles de Bourbon-La Marche
Françoise d'Alençon
Henri I de Bourbon
Conde-henri.jpg December 29, 1552 –
March 5, 1588
Louis I de Bourbon
Eléanor de Roucy de Roye
Henry II de Bourbon
HenriIIdeBourbon-Conde.jpg September 1, 1588 –
December 26, 1646
Henri I de Bourbon
Charlotte Catherine de La Trémoille
Louis II de Bourbon
Full length Portrait of Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Condé, "Grand Condé" (1621-1686).jpg September 8, 1621 –
November 11, 1686
Henry II de Bourbon
Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency
Henri Jules de Bourbon
Henri Jules de Bourbon, cinquième prince de Condé, jeune homme, d'après Claude Lefebvre.png July 29, 1643 –
April 1, 1709
Louis II de Bourbon
Claire-Clémence de Maillé-Brézé
Louis III de Bourbon
Undated copy of a painting of Louis, Prince of Condé after Hyacinthe Rigaud.jpg November 10, 1668 –
March 4, 1710
Henri Jules de Bourbon
Anne Henriette of Bavaria
Louis Henri de Bourbon
Undated portrait painting of Louis Henri de Bourbon, Duke of Bourbon (1692-1740) wearing armour and the sash of the Order of the Holy Spirit by an unknown artist.jpg August 18, 1692 –
January 27, 1740
Louis III de Bourbon
Louise-Françoise de Bourbon
Louis Joseph de Bourbon
Louis Joseph de Bourbon Prince of Conde.jpg August 9, 1736 –
May 13, 1818
Louis Henri de Bourbon
Landgravine Caroline of Hesse-Rotenburg
Louis Henri Joseph de Bourbon
Condé, Louis VI Henri de - 2.jpg April 13, 1756 –
August 30, 1830
Louis Joseph de Bourbon
Charlotte Élisabeth Godefride de Rohan
daughter of Charles de Rohan

Second creation: 1845 –1866 – House of Orléans

Name Portrait Lifespan Parents
Louis d'Orléans Louis d'Orléans, Prince of Condé in an anonymous photo in circa 1863.png November 15, 1845 –
May 24, 1866
Henri d'Orleans, Duke of Aumale
Princess Maria Carolina Augusta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

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  • Princes of Conti another cadet branch of the House of Bourbon, itself descending from the Condé line.
  • The title was similar to the Savoyard title of Prince of Carignan.
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