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Map of Ohio highlighting Athens County
Location of Athens County in Ohio

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Athens County, Ohio.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Athens County, Ohio, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 28 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 1 National Historic Landmark.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Athens B & O Train Depot
Athens B & O Train Depot
January 11, 1983
Depot St.
39°19′44″N 82°06′21″W / 39.328889°N 82.105833°W / 39.328889; -82.105833 (Athens B & O Train Depot)
Athens The former railroad station for the B&O Railroad, an east-west line through Athens County.
2 Athens County Infirmary
Athens County Infirmary
May 1, 2003
13183 State Route 13
39°23′34″N 82°07′08″W / 39.392667°N 82.118917°W / 39.392667; -82.118917 (Athens County Infirmary)
Dover Township Currently known as "The County Farm" or "The County Home." Today, it houses Job & Family Services.
3 Athens Downtown Historic District
Athens Downtown Historic District
September 30, 1982
N. Court St. between Carpenter and Union Sts. and Congress and College Sts.
39°19′48″N 82°06′04″W / 39.329894°N 82.101094°W / 39.329894; -82.101094 (Athens Downtown Historic District)
4 Athens Governmental Buildings
Athens Governmental Buildings
November 29, 1979
E. State, E. Washington, Court, and W. Union Sts.
39°19′35″N 82°06′02″W / 39.326389°N 82.100556°W / 39.326389; -82.100556 (Athens Governmental Buildings)
5 Athens State Hospital
Athens State Hospital
March 11, 1980
State Route 682 and Richland Ave.
39°18′56″N 82°06′07″W / 39.315531°N 82.101906°W / 39.315531; -82.101906 (Athens State Hospital)
Athens The former state mental hospital, and formerly a working farm. Today owned by Ohio University and known as The Ridges.
6 Athens State Hospital Cow Barn
Athens State Hospital Cow Barn
April 25, 1978
Southwest of Athens off U.S. Route 33
39°18′52″N 82°06′55″W / 39.314444°N 82.115278°W / 39.314444; -82.115278 (Athens State Hospital Cow Barn)
Athens Township Today known as the Dairy Barn; an art gallery
7 Beasley Building
Beasley Building
October 7, 1982
93 W. Union St.
39°19′44″N 82°06′18″W / 39.328889°N 82.105°W / 39.328889; -82.105 (Beasley Building)
Athens Currently known as Beasley Mills and used as subsidized apartments.
8 Blackwood Covered Bridge
Blackwood Covered Bridge
June 23, 1978
South of Athens on County Road 46
39°11′50″N 81°58′29″W / 39.197222°N 81.974722°W / 39.197222; -81.974722 (Blackwood Covered Bridge)
Lodi Township Covered bridge on Blackwood Road (County Road 46) in southern Lodi Township, over the Shade River.
9 Joseph Clester House
Joseph Clester House
November 26, 1980
Southeast of Chauncey
39°22′36″N 82°05′53″W / 39.376667°N 82.098056°W / 39.376667; -82.098056 (Joseph Clester House)
Dover Township
10 Manasseh Cutler Hall, Ohio University
Manasseh Cutler Hall, Ohio University
October 15, 1966
Ohio University campus
39°19′34″N 82°06′02″W / 39.326111°N 82.100556°W / 39.326111; -82.100556 (Manasseh Cutler Hall, Ohio University)
Athens The oldest building on the Ohio University campus; fronts on College Green
11 Dew House
Dew House
October 2, 1978
Public Square
39°27′36″N 82°13′56″W / 39.46°N 82.232222°W / 39.46; -82.232222 (Dew House)
12 East State Street-Elmwood Place Historic District
East State Street-Elmwood Place Historic District
October 8, 2010
138-234 and 169-277 E. State St.; 5-73, 6-74 Elmwood Place
39°20′12″N 82°05′41″W / 39.336667°N 82.094722°W / 39.336667; -82.094722 (East State Street-Elmwood Place Historic District)
13 Federalton
August 13, 1976
Northeast corner of Ohio State Route 329 and Zimmerman Hill Road in Stewart
39°18′31″N 81°53′40″W / 39.308611°N 81.894444°W / 39.308611; -81.894444 (Federalton)
Rome Township Built in 1817. Formerly 51 State Street.
14 Thomas Jefferson Herrold House and Store
Thomas Jefferson Herrold House and Store
November 21, 1980
234 W. Washington St.
39°19′56″N 82°06′37″W / 39.332222°N 82.110278°W / 39.332222; -82.110278 (Thomas Jefferson Herrold House and Store)
Athens On northeast corner of Washington Street and Shafer Street: When built, this section of Washington Street was Dean Street, and this section of Shafer Street was Cemetery Street.
15 Hocking Valley Coal Company Town Historic District
Hocking Valley Coal Company Town Historic District
June 22, 2007
Jackson Dr. and Arbor Dr. in The Plains
39°21′51″N 82°07′04″W / 39.364133°N 82.117697°W / 39.364133; -82.117697 (Hocking Valley Coal Company Town Historic District)
Athens Township Today this is known as Eclipse Village and is used for offices, residences, and a gathering hall. The photograph is of the restored company store.
16 Hocking Valley Railway Historic District
Hocking Valley Railway Historic District
May 5, 1988
Roughly between Bridge #494 in Logan and Bridge #629 in Nelsonville
39°27′31″N 82°14′01″W / 39.458611°N 82.233611°W / 39.458611; -82.233611 (Hocking Valley Railway Historic District)
Nelsonville and York Township Extends into Hocking County
17 Kidwell Covered Bridge
Kidwell Covered Bridge
April 11, 1977
1 mile north of Truetown
39°27′21″N 82°06′13″W / 39.455833°N 82.103611°W / 39.455833; -82.103611 (Kidwell Covered Bridge)
Dover Township On Monserat Ridge Road between Ohio State Route 685 and Ohio State Route 13.
18 Mount Zion Baptist Church
Mount Zion Baptist Church
October 3, 1980
Congress and Carpenter Sts.
39°19′57″N 82°06′07″W / 39.3325°N 82.101944°W / 39.3325; -82.101944 (Mount Zion Baptist Church)
Athens A traditional black church on the northern fringe of downtown Athens
19 Nelsonville Historic District
Nelsonville Historic District
June 14, 1996
Roughly bounded by Canal, Jefferson, Scott, and Madison Sts.
39°27′42″N 82°13′57″W / 39.461667°N 82.2325°W / 39.461667; -82.2325 (Nelsonville Historic District)
Nelsonville The central Nelsonville Business District; includes Stuart's Opera House
20 Ohio University Campus Green Historic District
Ohio University Campus Green Historic District
June 11, 1979
Ohio University campus
39°19′34″N 82°06′01″W / 39.326111°N 82.100278°W / 39.326111; -82.100278 (Ohio University Campus Green Historic District)
Athens The original area of Ohio University, used for over 200 years; fronted on by Cutler Hall
21 Palos Covered Bridge
Palos Covered Bridge
November 11, 1977
1 mile north of Glouster off State Route 13
39°31′31″N 82°04′19″W / 39.525278°N 82.071944°W / 39.525278; -82.071944 (Palos Covered Bridge)
Trimble Township Over Sunday Creek
22 Savage-Stewart House
Savage-Stewart House
February 8, 1980
Southeast of Canaanville on Canaanville Road
39°18′43″N 81°58′33″W / 39.311944°N 81.975833°W / 39.311944; -81.975833 (Savage-Stewart House)
Canaan Township An historic orange brick house, now in severe disrepair.
23 Sheltering Arms Hospital
Sheltering Arms Hospital
June 25, 1982
Clark St.
39°20′08″N 82°06′43″W / 39.335556°N 82.111944°W / 39.335556; -82.111944 (Sheltering Arms Hospital)
Athens A birthing center began in a private home at 19 Clark Street. This grew to include a neighboring house, with additional structures built on. Its successor is nearby O'Bleness Memorial Hospital. The Sheltering Arms structure today houses subsidized apartments.
24 Stuart's Opera House
Stuart's Opera House
December 29, 1978
Public Sq. and Washington St.
39°27′39″N 82°13′55″W / 39.460833°N 82.231944°W / 39.460833; -82.231944 (Stuart's Opera House)
Nelsonville Renovated once, then burned, then renovated again and today used for plays, music events, and other activities.
25 Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine No. 6
Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine No. 6
May 23, 1978
East of East Millfield
39°26′00″N 82°04′39″W / 39.433236°N 82.077614°W / 39.433236; -82.077614 (Sunday Creek Coal Company Mine No. 6)
Dover Township Site of the Millfield Mine disaster.
26 Weethee Historic District
Weethee Historic District
January 7, 1980
North of Millfield
39°27′10″N 82°05′41″W / 39.452778°N 82.094722°W / 39.452778; -82.094722 (Weethee Historic District)
Dover Township This property, on the upper end of Bell Road (beyond this house), once housed a small college.
27 White's-Vale Mill
White's-Vale Mill
July 29, 1982
State Route 682
39°19′16″N 82°07′32″W / 39.321111°N 82.125556°W / 39.321111; -82.125556 (White's-Vale Mill)
Athens Township This site today, known as White's Mill, houses a nursery and feed store.
28 Wolf Plains
Wolf Plains
May 31, 1974
In the vicinity of The Plains
39°22′30″N 82°07′27″W / 39.375°N 82.1242°W / 39.375; -82.1242 (Wolf Plains)
Athens Township A Late Adena culture group of 30 earthworks including 22 conical mounds and nine circular enclosures, located a few miles to the northwest of Athens
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