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Map of Minnesota highlighting Beltrami County
Location of Beltrami County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Beltrami County, Minnesota. This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Beltrami County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 13 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 1 National Historic Landmark district.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Beltrami County Courthouse
Beltrami County Courthouse
May 26, 1988
Beltrami Ave. and 6th St.
47°28′27″N 94°52′55″W / 47.474208°N 94.882033°W / 47.474208; -94.882033 (Beltrami County Courthouse)
Bemidji 1902 courthouse significant as Beltrami County's long-serving seat of government, as well as its most prominent public architecture and expression of Beaux-Arts style.
2 Bemidji Carnegie Library
Bemidji Carnegie Library
November 25, 1980
426 Bemidji Ave.
47°28′22″N 94°52′46″W / 47.472668°N 94.879467°W / 47.472668; -94.879467 (Bemidji Carnegie Library)
Bemidji Well-preserved local example of a Carnegie library and of public Neoclassical architecture, built in 1909. Now the Bemidji Community Art Center.
3 Buena Vista Archeological Historic District
Buena Vista Archeological Historic District
November 7, 1996
Off County Road 15
47°39′21″N 94°53′11″W / 47.655961°N 94.886312°W / 47.655961; -94.886312 (Buena Vista Archeological Historic District)
Turtle Lake Township Largely undisturbed site of a logging-era boomtown, established in 1896 and moribund by 1909. District includes the site of a nearby sawmill and an intact 1898 schoolhouse.
4 Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox
March 10, 1988
3rd St. and Bemidji Ave.
47°28′14″N 94°52′44″W / 47.470446°N 94.878895°W / 47.470446; -94.878895 (Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox)
Bemidji The Midwest's first colossal roadside statues, built in 1937 to promote automobile tourism in northern Minnesota.
5 District No. 132 School
October 27, 1988
County Road 500
47°43′51″N 95°07′43″W / 47.730894°N 95.1287°W / 47.730894; -95.1287 (District No. 132 School)
Pinewood vicinity c. 1915 school building noted for its unusual wooden Neoclassical façade.
6 Great Northern Depot
Great Northern Depot
May 26, 1988
Minnesota Ave.
47°28′03″N 94°52′57″W / 47.467575°N 94.882471°W / 47.467575; -94.882471 (Great Northern Depot)
Bemidji 1913 train station symbolizing the rail access that transformed Bemidji into a logging boomtown and regional trade center. Now the Beltrami County History Center.
7 Lake Bemidji State Park CCC/NYA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
Lake Bemidji State Park CCC/NYA/Rustic Style Historic Resources
October 25, 1989
Off County Highway 20 northeast of Bemidji
47°32′05″N 94°49′40″W / 47.534722°N 94.827778°W / 47.534722; -94.827778 (Lake Bemidji State Park CCC/NYA/Rustic Style Historic Resources)
Bemidji vicinity Minnesota's only state park facilities constructed by the National Youth Administration; also significant as examples of New Deal federal work relief and National Park Service rustic design, with two contributing properties built 1937–39.
8 Minnesota and International Railway Trestle at Blackduck
February 5, 2014
0.25 miles (0.40 km) north of junction CSAH 39
47°43′34″N 94°32′52″W / 47.726166°N 94.547726°W / 47.726166; -94.547726 (Minnesota and International Railway Trestle at Blackduck)
Blackduck 701-foot-long (214 m) timber trestle built 1901–02 to cross a difficult marsh, noted for its considerable length and intact substructure. Now carries the Blue Ox Trail.
9 Nymore Bridge
Nymore Bridge
November 6, 1989
1st St. over the Mississippi River
47°28′01″N 94°52′42″W / 47.466944°N 94.878333°W / 47.466944; -94.878333 (Nymore Bridge)
Bemidji Exemplary 1917 reinforced-concrete arch bridge, particularly noted for its large size, urban setting, barrel vault design, early date, and use of an early patented reinforcement system.
10 David Park House
David Park House
May 16, 1988
1501 Birchmont Dr.
47°29′00″N 94°52′33″W / 47.483286°N 94.875808°W / 47.483286; -94.875808 (David Park House)
Bemidji One of Minnesota's few outstanding examples of residential Streamline Moderne architecture, built in 1936.
11 Rabideau CCC Camp
Rabideau CCC Camp
June 16, 1976
Off County Highway 39 in Chippewa National Forest
47°38′28″N 94°32′58″W / 47.641119°N 94.549466°W / 47.641119; -94.549466 (Rabideau CCC Camp)
Blackduck vicinity One of the nation's few intact camps of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the most acclaimed New Deal program and a key influence on the conservation movement. Contains 17 contributing properties built 1935–1941.
12 Saum Schools
Saum Schools
March 27, 1980
County Highway 23
47°58′35″N 94°40′34″W / 47.976318°N 94.676053°W / 47.976318; -94.676053 (Saum Schools)
Kelliher vicinity 1903 log one-room school and 1912 school building—the state's first purpose-built consolidated school—representing the early-20th-century development of education in northern Minnesota.
13 Three Island Park Site
Three Island Park Site
July 25, 2012
Three Island Lake County Park
47°37′30″N 94°46′56″W / 47.625126°N 94.782245°W / 47.625126; -94.782245 (Three Island Park Site)
Port Hope Township Woodland period seasonal fishing camp chiefly associated with the Blackduck-Kathio Complex of 600–1100 CE.
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