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National Register of Historic Places listings in Kosciusko County, Indiana facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Kosciusko County
Location of Kosciusko County in Indiana

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Kosciusko County, Indiana, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.

There are 15 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

Properties and districts located in incorporated areas display the name of the municipality, while properties and districts in unincorporated areas display the name of their civil township. Properties and districts split between multiple jurisdictions display the names of all jurisdictions.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Chinworth Bridge
Chinworth Bridge
January 2, 1997
Junction of Old U.S. Route 30 and Road 350 W west of Warsaw, across the Tippecanoe River
41°14′49″N 85°54′38″W / 41.246944°N 85.910556°W / 41.246944; -85.910556 (Chinworth Bridge)
Harrison and Wayne Townships
2 DIXIE (sternwheeler)
DIXIE (sternwheeler)
September 24, 2009
400 block of S. Dixie Dr.
41°19′22″N 85°41′36″W / 41.322778°N 85.693333°W / 41.322778; -85.693333 (DIXIE (sternwheeler))
North Webster
3 East Fort Wayne Street Historic District
East Fort Wayne Street Historic District
May 27, 1993
503-613 E. Fort Wayne St.
41°14′25″N 85°51′01″W / 41.240278°N 85.850278°W / 41.240278; -85.850278 (East Fort Wayne Street Historic District)
4 Hall Farm
Hall Farm
September 16, 1992
Junction of 600N and 400W at Clunette
41°19′13″N 85°55′20″W / 41.320278°N 85.922222°W / 41.320278; -85.922222 (Hall Farm)
Prairie Township
5 Kosciusko County Jail
Kosciusko County Jail
December 8, 1978
Main and Indiana Sts.
41°14′19″N 85°51′20″W / 41.238611°N 85.855556°W / 41.238611; -85.855556 (Kosciusko County Jail)
6 Leesburg Historic District
Leesburg Historic District
May 27, 1993
100 block of E. and W. Van Buren St.
41°19′54″N 85°51′00″W / 41.331667°N 85.85°W / 41.331667; -85.85 (Leesburg Historic District)
7 Mock School
Mock School
December 27, 2010
Northwestern corner of the junction of N550E and E875N, south of Syracuse
41°21′40″N 85°44′25″W / 41.361000°N 85.740139°W / 41.361000; -85.740139 (Mock School)
Turkey Creek Township
8 Robert Orr Polygonal Barn
Robert Orr Polygonal Barn
April 2, 1993
State Road 13 south of North Webster, ½ mile north of its junction with Road 150 N
41°15′43″N 85°42′12″W / 41.261944°N 85.703333°W / 41.261944; -85.703333 (Robert Orr Polygonal Barn)
Washington Township
9 Pierceton Historic District
Pierceton Historic District
September 4, 1992
N. 1st St. from Catholic St. to the former Conrail railroad tracks
41°11′59″N 85°42′19″W / 41.199722°N 85.705278°W / 41.199722; -85.705278 (Pierceton Historic District)
10 John Pound Store
John Pound Store
June 17, 1992
Junction of Armstrong Rd. and 2nd St. at Oswego
41°19′13″N 85°47′14″W / 41.320278°N 85.787361°W / 41.320278; -85.787361 (John Pound Store)
Plain Township
11 Silver Lake Historic District
Silver Lake Historic District
September 4, 1992
100 blocks of N. and S. Jefferson and E. and W. Main Sts.
41°04′19″N 85°53′32″W / 41.071944°N 85.892222°W / 41.071944; -85.892222 (Silver Lake Historic District)
Silver Lake
12 Warsaw Courthouse Square Historic District
Warsaw Courthouse Square Historic District
March 1, 1982
Bounded by Center, N. Lake, Main, and Indiana Sts.; also roughly bounded by W. Main, W. Lake, Center, and S. Indiana Sts., and the alleys behind Indiana, Market, Lake, and Main Sts.
41°14′19″N 85°51′24″W / 41.238611°N 85.856667°W / 41.238611; -85.856667 (Warsaw Courthouse Square Historic District)
Warsaw Second set of boundaries represents a boundary increase of September 21, 1993
13 Warsaw Cut Glass Company
Warsaw Cut Glass Company
March 1, 1984
505 S. Detroit St.
41°14′01″N 85°51′10″W / 41.233611°N 85.852639°W / 41.233611; -85.852639 (Warsaw Cut Glass Company)
14 Winona Lake Historic District
Winona Lake Historic District
December 10, 1993
Roughly bounded by Kings Highway, Chestnut Ave., 12th St., and Park Ave.
41°13′39″N 85°49′13″W / 41.2275°N 85.820278°W / 41.2275; -85.820278 (Winona Lake Historic District)
Winona Lake
15 Justin Zimmer House
Justin Zimmer House
December 19, 1991
2513 E. Center St.
41°14′18″N 85°49′18″W / 41.238333°N 85.821666°W / 41.238333; -85.821666 (Justin Zimmer House)
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