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Ozzie's World CD Cover.jpg
CD cover of Ozzie's World
Genres Educational
Developers Digital Impact
Publishers MicroMedia Publishers Inc. (Kid Bytes)
Creators Louise Short
Platforms Windows, Macintosh
First release Ozzie's World
Spin-offs Ozzie's Travels

Ozzie is a series of children's educational games. They all star Ozzie S. Otter, a curious and imaginative young 7-year-old orphaned sea otter pup who serves as the series' main protagonist. The games focus on teaching children science and ecology in different environments. They also include several activities, stories, mini games and experiments to try out. The software titles were also released in the French language by Emme Interactive and in Chinese by Kingstar Media.



Digital Impact began the Ozzie series with just one animator and two illustrators to create their first product. When the Ozzie's Travels began, they hired six additional artists, who used traditional cell animation with some inspirations from Disney. All animation frames were drawn on paper and then scanned to retain quality in the computer animation.

Educational goals

The game was leaned towards the education genre and not edutainment, teaching about the world people live in without computer orientation. The good use of audio and graphics keeps kindergarten group users amused and educated. Scientific experiments and facts are clearly explained. The interface is easy to navigate and gives users the opportunity to explore and interact. The games incorporate a mix of math, problem solving, memory games, ecology, reading development, general science and experiments to teach a variety of material.


Main series

  • Ozzie's World (1994)
    • The Otter's Adventure (1995)
    • Ozzie's World - Deluxe Edition (1995)
    • Fun School Special: Young Scientist (1995)
  • Ozzie's Travels First Grand Tour (May 20, 1996)
    • Ozzie's Travels Destination Japan
    • Ozzie's Travels Destination Mexico
    • Ozzie's Travels Destination India
  • Ozzie's Science (August 20, 1996)


  • Ozzie's Funtime Garden (1995)
  • Ozzie's World - My House (1996)
  • Ozzie Explores the Forest (1996) Also known as "Ozzie's Forest"
  • Ozzie's Day at the Beach (1996)
  • Ozzie's Playroom (1996)
  • Ozzie Visits the Vet's Office (1996)


  • Byron Preiss's BABY-ROM - "Ozzie's Travels Destination Mexico".
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