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Parallel could mean:

  • Parallel (geometry), as in "parallel lines"
  • Circle of latitude, an imaginary east-west line circling a globe, e.g. the 38th parallel
  • Parallelism (grammar), a balance of two or more similar words, phrases, or clauses
  • Parallel study, a type of clinical study
  • Parallel circuits, as opposed to series
  • Parallel import, also known as a "grey market product"
  • Parallel transport, in mathematics using vectors and smooth curves

In music:

  • Parallel key, the minor (or major) key of a major (or minor) key with the same tonic
  • Harmonic parallelism, also known as "harmonic planing" or "parallel voice leading"
  • Parallel fifths, also known as "consecutive fifths", involve the concurrence of successive intervals of a perfect fifth between two voices in parallel motion -- a harmonization generally forbidden in modern musical theory


  • Parallel (manga) (ぱられる) is a shōnen manga by Toshihiko Kobayashi
  • Parallel 9, A British children's television show

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