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Petropedetes cameronensis 1874.jpg
Petropedetes cameronensis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Amphibia
Subclass: Lissamphibia
Order: Anura
Suborder: Neobatrachia
Superfamily: Ranoidea
Family: Ranidae (disputed)
Subfamily: Petropedetinae

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Petropedetinae are a subfamily of frogs.

They are placed in the true frog family (Ranidae) by many authors. Some think at least part of this group are a distinct family Petropedetidae. The Cacosterninae and Phrynobatrachinae are then separated as subfamilies. They may even be distinct families Cacosternidae and Phrynobatrachidae. Most members of this subfamily are in the genus Phrynobatrachus.

These frogs mostly live in sub-Saharan Africa.

This group of frogs is made up from the following genera:

  • Anhydrophryne – Hogsback Frog (1 species)
  • Arthroleptella – moss frogs (8 species)
  • Arthroleptides – African torrent frogs (3 species)
  • Cacosternum – cacos (10 species)
  • Dimorphognathus (1 species)
  • Ericabatrachus (1 species)
  • Microbatrachella – Micro Frog (1 species)
  • Natalobatrachus (1 species)
  • Nothophryne (1 species)
  • Petropedetes (7 species)
  • Phrynobatrachus – dwarf puddle frogs or African puddle frogs (70+ species)
  • Phrynodon (1 species)
  • Poyntonia (1 species)
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