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New South Wales
Location in New South Wales
Lands administrative divisions around Poole:
South Australia Queensland Queensland
South Australia Poole Tongowoko
South Australia Evelyn Yantara

Poole County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It is located in the extreme north-west of the state, abutting Cameron Corner. It includes parts of Sturt National Park.

Poole County was named in honour of James Poole (explorer), (born?-1845), Charles Sturt's second-in-command.

Parishes within this county

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Blackwood Unincorporated 29°34′51″S 141°08′05″E / 29.58083°S 141.13472°E / -29.58083; 141.13472 (Blackwood)
Fort Grey Unincorporated 29°17′31″S 141°03′07″E / 29.29194°S 141.05194°E / -29.29194; 141.05194 (Fort Grey)
Lang Unincorporated 29°30′25″S 141°31′10″E / 29.50694°S 141.51944°E / -29.50694; 141.51944 (Lang)
Mount King Unincorporated 29°02′40″S 141°41′46″E / 29.04444°S 141.69611°E / -29.04444; 141.69611 (Mount King)
Mount Poole Unincorporated 29°32′40″S 141°41′11″E / 29.54444°S 141.68639°E / -29.54444; 141.68639 (Mount Poole)
Nantomoko Unincorporated 29°21′43″S 141°08′05″E / 29.36194°S 141.13472°E / -29.36194; 141.13472 (Nantomoko)
Patterson Unincorporated 29°35′41″S 141°21′10″E / 29.59472°S 141.35278°E / -29.59472; 141.35278 (Patterson)
Pinaroo Unincorporated 29°08′04″S 141°06′55″E / 29.13444°S 141.11528°E / -29.13444; 141.11528 (Pinaroo)
Stewart Unincorporated 29°29′37″S 141°08′05″E / 29.49361°S 141.13472°E / -29.49361; 141.13472 (Stewart)
Sturt Unincorporated 29°25′59″S 141°31′11″E / 29.43306°S 141.51972°E / -29.43306; 141.51972 (Sturt)
Tindara Unincorporated 29°12′51″S 141°29′26″E / 29.21417°S 141.49056°E / -29.21417; 141.49056 (Tindara)
Yarraba Unincorporated 29°12′59″S 141°11′13″E / 29.21639°S 141.18694°E / -29.21639; 141.18694 (Yarraba)
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