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Power metal
Stylistic origins NWOBHM
Speed metal
Hard rock
Classical music;
Cultural origins 1984 in Germany and Finland as well as other parts of Europe
Typical instruments VocalsElectric guitarBassDrumsKeyboards
Mainstream popularity Popular in Europe, Japan and South America, low but increasing popularity in North America
Fusion genres
Symphonic metal - Progressive metal - Folk metal - Neo-classical metal
Regional scenes
American power metal - European power metal

Power metal is a type of heavy metal music that mixes traditional metal with thrash metal or speed metal. There are two types of power metal. One comes from North America that sounds more like speed metal, and a more popular one from Europe (especially Finland, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia) and Japan that usually sounds happier and usually uses keyboards. It is usually characterized by high, clean, melodic vocals, fantasy based lyrics as well as complex and fast lead guitar solos.

Some of the most popular European style bands include:

  • Helloween (1984-Present) from Germany is one of the first, and most influential power metal bands.
  • Gamma Ray from Germany
  • Stratovarius from Finland
  • Sonata Arctica from Finland
  • Blind Guardian from Germany
  • Edguy/Avantasia from Germany
  • Kamelot from the U.S.A. but they are of a European style
  • HammerFall from Sweden
  • DragonForce from England
  • Power Quest from England, frequent use of keyboards

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