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Symphonic metal
Stylistic origins NWOBHM, symphonic rock, progressive metal, neo-classical metal, gothic metal, power metal, baroque rock, classical music.
Cultural origins mid-late 1990s, Continental Europe (mainly Scandinavia and the Netherlands)
(this regards symphonic metal proper; for symphonic variations on other styles of metal, especially extreme metal, the cultural origins are in late 1980s-early to mid 1990s in Switzerland and Scandinavia)
Typical instruments VocalsGuitar - Bass - Keyboards - Piano - Drums - Violin - other acoustic and electronic instruments - occasionally backing choirs
Mainstream popularity Almost mainstream in parts of Europe, moderately large cult following elsewhere.
Fusion genres
Symphonic power metal
Symphonic gothic metal
Symphonic black metal
Cello metal

Symphonic metal is a genre that combines heavy metal with symphonic music.

Notable bands

  • Nightwish
  • Within Temptation

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