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Republic of Molossia

𐐡𐐯𐐹𐐲𐐺𐑊𐐮 𐐲𐑂 𐐣𐐬𐑊𐐫𐑅𐐨𐐲
Flag of Molossia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Anthem: "Fair Molossia is Our Home" by Kevin Baugh
Location of Molossia
Capital Baughston
Official languages English, German, Esperanto, Deseret alphabet (English)
Organizational structure Nominally constitutional presidential republic; de facto Military dictatorship
Kevin Baugh
Legislature National Assembly (advisory only)
• Declared
September 3, 1999
Area claimed
• Total
0.0053 km2 (0.0020 sq mi)
Membership 27
Purported currency Valora
Time zone Molossian Standard Time (UTC-7 hours, 41 minutes)
Calling code +1 775

Molossia, also known as the self-proclaimed Republic of Molossia, is a micronation, founded by Kevin Baugh and headquartered in his home near Dayton, Nevada.

It is made up of Baugh's house (known as the Government House), about 0.001 acres (4 m2) in size, as well as 1.3 acres (5,000 m2) of surrounding property, enclaved by Nevada. It formerly claimed a property in Pennsylvania as well. According to author John Ryan, Molossia is "a hobby that has been pushed to the nth degree." Originally established as a childhood project in 1977, Molossia subsequently evolved into a territorial entity in the late 1990s.

The name Molossia is derived from the Spanish word morro which means "small rocky hill". Baugh has stated that the ancient Greek tribe of Molossians is unrelated.

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