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River Foulness
a deep narrow channel between two fields
River Foulness near Seaton Ross
53°50′51″N 0°47′51″W / 53.84750°N 0.79750°W / 53.84750; -0.79750
Country England
Physical characteristics
Main source Shiptonthorpe
20 metres (66 ft)
53°53′8″N 0°42′39″W / 53.88556°N 0.71083°W / 53.88556; -0.71083
River mouth Market Weighton Canal
1 metre (3.3 ft)
53°46′56″N 0°42′57″W / 53.78222°N 0.71583°W / 53.78222; -0.71583
Length 15.85 miles (25.51 km)

The River Foulness is a river in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Its name is derived from Old English fūle[n] ēa, meaning “dirty water”. Maintenance responsibilities for the river transferred from the Environment Agency to the Market Weighton Drainage Board on 1 October 2011. Market Weighton Drainage Board subsequently amalgamated with the Lower Ouse Internal Drainage Board on 1 April 2012 to create the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board. The river discharges into the Humber Estuary via Market Weighton Canal. Water levels within the river, its tributaries and the canal are managed and controlled by the Environment Agency. The river lies in an area known as the Humberhead Levels.


The river rises in the fields north-west of the village of Shiptonthorpe which is close to the town of Market Weighton. It flows south through the village and then heads west south-west towards Holme-on-Spalding-Moor. Circumnavigating the town, the river then turns back in a south-easterly direction until it joins the Market Weighton Canal just north of the M62.

Natural history

The majority of the area is farmland with large rectangular fields bounded by hedgerow, mainly hawthorn with blackthorn; dog rose; elder and hazel, with very few areas of woodland. This area would have been marshland before the introduction of the drainage system and the Market Weighton Canal. Wildlife surveys of the river show evidence of European water vole, European otter, freshwater mussel and many amphibians.


The river flows over several soil types including Loam, Sand and Alluvium. There are over 75 miles (121 km) of drainage ditches that feed into the river, but few natural tributaries.


The river valley has been populated since Palaeolithic times with many artefacts from that age being unearthed by archeologists. Remains from Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman times have also been found by various digs in the area.


The area surrounding the river is almost totally agricultural.


There are very few Public Rights of Way in the river valley. It is not crossed by many roads and there are few major settlements; therefore, leisure activity is limited mainly to angling.


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