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Sam, SAM or variants may refer to:


  • SAM, IATA airport code for Salamo Airport in Papua, New Guinea
  • SAM, IOC and FIFA country code for American Samoa
  • Sam, Benin
  • Sam, Boulkiemdé, Burkina Faso
  • Sam, Bourzanga, Burkina Faso
  • Sam, Iran
  • Sam, Kongoussi, Burkina Faso
  • Sam, Teton County, Idaho, a populated place located in Idaho

People and language

  • Sam (given name), a list of people with the given name
  • Sam (surname), a list of people with the surname
    • Cen (surname) (岑), romanized "Sam" in Cantonese
    • Shen (surname) (沈), often romanized "Sam" in Cantonese
  • Sam languages, comprising Somali, Rendille and Boni
  • Sam language of New Guinea
  • Sam (Book of Mormon), elder brother of Nephi
  • Sām, a Persian folk hero


  • Sam (army dog) (died 2000)
  • Sam (horse) (b 1815), British Thoroughbred
  • Sam (koala) (died 2009), rescued after 2009 bush fires in Victoria, Australia
  • Sam (orangutan), in the movie Dunston Checks In
  • Sam (ugly dog) (1990–2005), voted the world's ugliest dog in 2003, 2004, and 2005
  • Unsinkable Sam (died 1955), cat, survived the sinking of 3 ships during WWII

Art, entertainment, and media

  • Sam (1967 film), a 1976 film directed by Larry Buchanan
  • Sam (1986 film), a 1986 documentary film
  • Sam (Osvajači album), 1995
  • Sam (Škabo album), 2003
  • "Sam" (Olivia Newton-John song), 1977
  • Sam (1973 TV series), British drama
  • Sam (1978 TV series), US crime drama
  • S.A.M. (comics), a French comic book
  • SAM Awards, for South Australian Music Awards given by Music SA


Brands and enterprises

  • SAM (vehicles), a Greek truck manufacturer
  • S.A.M.: Simply About Music, a satellite-driven radio network
  • SAM, stock ticker of Boston Beer Company, the brewers of Samuel Adams beer
  • SAM Colombia, a Colombian airline
  • SAM Records, an American disco/post-disco record company
  • Società Aerea Mediterranea, an Italian airline 1926-1934 and 1959-1981

Business terminology

  • Serviceable available market
  • Shared appreciation mortgage
  • Social accounting matrix of transactions in an economy
  • System for Award Management (SAM), U.S. Government supplier database



  • Scientific Advice Mechanism of the European Commission
  • Serve America Movement, an American political party
  • Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts
  • Society of American Magicians

Science and technology

Biology, chemistry and medicine

  • Phytelephas seemannii, known in Cuna as 'sam'
  • S-Adenosyl methionine, a common co-substrate involved in methyl group transfers
  • SAM, a candidate phylum of bacteria
  • SAMtools (for Sequence Alignment Map), a data storage format for DNA sequencing
  • Self-assembled monolayer of amphiphilic molecules
  • Shoot apical meristem, a plant tissue
  • Significance analysis of microarrays, in DNA microanalysis
  • Spore photoproduct lyase, an enzyme
  • Sorting and assembly machinery, a protein complex in the outer mitochondrial membrane
  • Segmental arterial mediolysis, a medical condition affecting the arteries

Physics and astronomy

  • Southern Annular Mode of southern hemisphere atmospheric variability
  • Swinging Atwood's machine
  • SAm, an unbarred Magellanic spiral galaxy

Software and computing

  • SAM (file format) or Sequence Alignment Map, a data format used in bioinformatics.
  • SAM (chatbot)
  • Sam (text editor)
  • Microsoft Sam, a voice for the screen reader in Windows 2000 and XP
  • SAM Broadcaster, an Internet radio broadcasting application
  • SAM Coupé, an 8-bit British home computer
  • SAM Lock Tool, better known as Syskey
  • Sequential access memory
  • Simple Anonymous Messaging, a protocol specification used in the I2P network layer
  • Simulation for Automatic Machinery, two minicomputers
  • Software asset management
  • Software Automatic Mouth, speech synthesis program
  • SAM (Synchronous Address Multiplexer), a chip in some 8-bit computers
  • Syriac Abbreviation Mark, a Unicode control character


  • SAM card (Security Authentication Module card), holding cryptographic keys
  • Secure access module
  • Security Account Manager in Microsoft Windows


  • Scanning acoustic microscope
  • Sample Analysis at Mars, on the Curiosity rover
  • Scanning Auger microscope in Auger electron spectroscopy
  • Small article monitor, screening for radioactive contamination
  • Sparse antimagic square, in mathematics
  • Stop action magnet in a pipe organ
  • Surface-to-air missile, an anti-aircraft missile


Other uses

  • Sandy Area Metro, Oregon, US
  • Special administrative measures, in US law
  • Uncle Sam, a personification of the US government
  • Synodically Authorized Minister, often used in parentheses after an officiator's name

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  • Samantha, Samhita, Samskruthi, female given names often shortened to "Sam"
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