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Serendipity is a series of children's books about animals and other creatures. The books were written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. The books are short stories with colorful illustrations that have a moral perspective.

Cosgrove wrote the books after searching for an easy to read book with a message to read to his then three-year-old daughter. After finding primarily large expensive books, Cosgrove teamed up with illustrator James to create low cost softcover books. After receiving an offer to publish the books only in hardcover, Cosgrove created his own publishing company - Serendipity Press. The first four books of the Serendipity Series were released in December of 1973. They are: Serendipity, The Dream Tree, Wheedle on the Needle, and The Muffin Muncher. Cosgrove merged Serendipity Press with the publishing company, Price/Stern/Sloan (now part of Penguin Random House) in 1978 so that Cosgrove could focus on writing. Cosgrove decided to re-edit his earlier books, which have been republished with the changes. To date, there are 70 books in the series, written from the kindergarten to grade three levels.

The animals in the Serendipity series include bears, cats, dogs, horses, squirrels, rabbits, and mythical creatures such as unicorns, dragons, sea monsters, and pegasus. Cosgrove also invented his own creatures such as the wheedle, hucklebug and kritter. The books present moral issues such as growing up, disabilities, abuse, fear, friendship, prejudice, gossip, and helping the environment.

The book series was adapted into a 26-episode anime series entitled Serendipity the Pink Dragon and 26-episode cartoon series Little Mouse on the Prairie.

At least 25 of the books were translated into Spanish (based on the list in El Dragon Gloton) and at least 6 in Italian (by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore).

List of Books in the Serendipity Series

Title Copyright Year Moral
Bangalee 1976 Best clean up your junk, cause here comes the Grunk!
Buttermilk 1986 The dark of night can make ordinary things seem scary.
Buttermilk Bear 1995 An open mind is the key to conquering all kinds of prejudice.
Butterwings 1996 Laughing at yourself can be the most fun of all.
Cap'n Smudge 1977 Everyone deserves a chance to do something good.
Catundra 1978 Healthy food and exercise keep you well in body and mind.
Crabby Gabby 1985 Having fun while playing a game is more important than winning.
Creolé 1975 Never, never judge a book by the way you think it's covered, for inside that tattered binding there is a lot to be discovered.
Crickle-Crack 1987 It's important to know when to say "no".
Dragolin 1984 You can be your best if you really believe in yourself.
Dream Tree 1974 Though it is sometimes hard to wait, growing up comes soon enough.
Fanny 1986 Being handicapped is only a state of mind.
Feather Fin 1983 There's no place like home.
Flutterby 1976 Be just who you are.
Flutterby Fly 1984 Gossip is harmful—and usually filled with lies.
Frazzle 1990 Children need love and attention from the very beginning.
Gabby 1983 Silence can be golden. Learn to listen to others.
Gigglesnitcher 1988 In giving happiness to others, you will find it yourself.
Glitterby Baby 1985 Sometimes love forces us to make difficult choices.
Grampa-lop (a.k.a. Leo the Lop Tail Four) 1981 Adults can learn from the magic children have in their hearts.
Grumpling 1989 Good manners are important.
Hucklebug 1975 Even though you have chores to do, home is still the place to be.
In Search of the Saveopotomus 1974 It's best to take only what you need.
Jake O'Shawnasey 1975 If you believe in yourself, you can do anything.
Jalopy 1990 Language can sometimes be used as a barrier.
Jingle Bear 1985 Father Snow will only come when all little bears are asleep.
Kartusch 1978 Beauty is not only in the eye, but in all of the senses.
Kiyomi 1984 Conceit can make you blind to what is really beautiful.
Lady Rose 1990 Those who are gone are never forgotten.
Leo the Lop 1977 You're special because you're you.
Leo the Lop: Tail 2 1979 You are best just who you are.
Leo the Lop: Tail 3 1980 You can always play with you.
Leo the Lop: Tail 4 (a.k.a. Grampa Lop) 1981 Make time for stories and books.
Little Mouse on the Prairie 1978 Laughter makes work much easier.
Maui-Maui 1978 Take only what you need from nature.
Maynard's Mermaid 1993 Your own imagination can be a good friend.
Memily 1987 Whether you're short, tall or medium, you're perfect just as you are.
Ming Ling 1983 Sharing your environment with others is rewarding.
Minikin 1984 You're special just the way you are.
Misty Morgan 1987 Remember that there is a time for work and a time for play.
Morgan and Me 1975 Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.
Morgan and Yew 1982 Love is the most important possession we can have.
Morgan Mine 1982 To have a friend, you must be a friend.
Morgan Morning 1982 Sometimes we must lose in order to gain.
Mumkin 1986 Fear of losing what you have can rob you of the joy of sharing.
Napoleon's Rainbow 1994 Don't be afraid of change, it can be beautiful.
Nitter Pitter 1978 Vanity can cost you friends.
Persnickity 1988 We each have our own idea of perfection.
Pish-Posh 1986 Every creature is useful and special in its own way.
Poppyseed 1989 Being a big brother or sister is a special job.
Puddle Pine 2004 Protect the forests, for they are important to everyone.
Raz-ma-taz 1982 Showing off is not a good way to get loving attention.
Rhubarb 1988 To have a friend, you must be a friend.
Sadie 1994 True friendship grows out of love, not need.
Sassafrass 1988 Kindness is always appreciated more than sarcasm.
Serendipity 1974 Knowing who you really are will bring you happiness.
Shimmeree 1980 Don't be afraid of what is different from you.
Snaffles 1980 We all have emotions and show them.
Sniffles 1988 When we exaggerate everything, we often forget what the truth is.
Sooty Foot 2003 Friends don't take advantage of each other.
Squabbles 1990 It is good to help friends in trouble.
Squeakers 1987 It is important to learn to say "no" to situations that make you uncomfortable.
Tee Tee 1983 Learning who we are is an important lesson.
The Gnome from Nome 1974 Love and friendship can warm the coldest day.
The Muffin Muncher 1974 When we work together there's more to share.
Tickle's Tale 1987 Sometimes too much curiosity can get you into trouble.
Trafalgar True 1980 Learning to share can bring us closer together.
Trapper 1981 Everyone can enjoy nature if we all let it be.
Wheedle on the Needle 1974 Cooperation can solve almost any problem.
Zippity Zoom 1989 It is important to take the time to enjoy life.

Tale of Three Tails 1973

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