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Shōkyō (正慶), also known as Shōkei, was a Japanese era name (年号 nengō, lit. year name) of the Northern Court during the Nanboku-chō period after Gentoku and before Kemmu. This period started in April 1332 and ended in April 1334. The pretender in Kyoto was Emperor Kōgon (光厳天皇 Kōgon-tennō). Kōgon's Southern Court rival in Yoshino during this time was Emperor Go-Daigo (後醍醐天皇 Go-Diago-tennō).

Events of the Shōkyō Era

  • 1332 (Shōkyō 1): The era name was changed to Shōkyō gannen (正慶元年) in Genkō 2, the 10th month.
  • 1332 (Shōkyō 1, 3rd month): Go-Daigo was sent into exile on the Oki Province (the Oki Islands) in the Sea of Japan off the coast of the provinces of Izumo and Hōki.
  • 1333 (Shōkyō 2, 3rd month): Go-Daigo escaped from island exile.

Southern Court nengō

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