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Flag of Shinsengumi.svg
Flag of Shinsengumi
Active August 18, 1863 (August 18, 1863)
Country Kyoto, Japan
Allegiance Tokugawa bakufu
Branch Rōshigumi (disbanded in 1863)
Type special police
Role To protect the Tokugawa bakufu representatives and Kyoto
Size 302
Colors light blue, white
Engagements Ikedaya incident
Kinmon incident
Zenzaiya incident
Akebonotei incident
Sanjo Seisatsu incident
Aburanokōji incident
Tenmaya incident
Boshin War:
  • Battle of Toba–Fushimi
  • Battle of Kōshū-Katsunuma
  • Battle of Utsunomiya Castle
  • Battle of Shirakawa
  • Battle of Bonari Pass
  • Battle of Aizu
  • Battle of Miyako Bay
  • Battle of Futamata
  • Battle of Hakodate Surrendered
Disbanded June 23, 1869 (June 23, 1869)
Serizawa Kamo (1863)
Kondō Isami (1863–1868)
Tonouchi Yoshio (1863)
Hijikata Toshizō (1868–1869)
Sōma Kazue (1869)

Shinsengumi was a military police force in Japan in the Edo era. Shinsengumi was organized by Katamori Matsudaira. He was an Aizu feudal lord. They were gathered to defend Kyoto against political opponents. Shinsengumi became famous by the Ikedaya Incident. They became part of the army after the Tokugawa shogunate was overthrown by a new government in the Meiji Restoration. Isami Kondo who was the head was arrested and punished. Toshizo Hijikata who was the subleader fought to the last battlefield in the Meiji Restoration. He was killed in the battle. Hajime Saito who was third section commander became a police officer in the Meiji Restoration.

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