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Upper Silesian
ślōnskŏ gŏdka
ślůnsko godka
Native to Poland (Silesian Voivodeship, Opole Voivodeship), Czech Republic (Moravia–Silesia, Jeseník)
Region Upper Silesia / Silesia
Ethnicity Silesians
Native speakers 510,000  (2011 census)
Language family
Writing system Latin script (Silesian alphabet)
Linguasphere 53-AAA-cck, 53-AAA-dam
Languages of CE Europe-3
Range of Silesian on a map of East-Central Europe (marked as G1 and G2, in southern Poland and the eastern Czech Republic).

Silesian or Upper Silesian (Silesian: ślōnskŏ gŏdka / ślůnsko godka Czech: slezština; Polish: gwara śląska, język śląski, etnolekt śląski; German: Schlonsakisch, Wasserpolnisch (pej.)) from the West Slavic language family. Some linguists say, that it is a dialect of Polish, because of big similarities between these languages. It's mostly spoken in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic and Germany.

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