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Southern Idaho ground squirrel
Southern Idaho ground squirrel (Spermophilus brunneus endemicus), candidate.jpg
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The southern Idaho ground squirrel (Urocitellus endemicus) is a species of the largest genus of ground squirrels. This species and the Northern Idaho ground squirrel were previously considered conspecific, together called the Idaho ground squirrel.


The species has sexual dimorphism, with males being normally larger than females. Their weight ranges from 120 to 290 grams and are on average 233 mm in length, though their range is 209 mm to 258 mm.

Don't shoot the squirrels sign, BLM Southwest Idaho
Don't shoot the squirrels sign, BLM Southwest Idaho


The southern Idaho ground squirrel can be found in an area about 30 by 70 kilometers (19 by 43 miles) extending from Emmett, Idaho, northwest to Weiser, Idaho and the surrounding area of Squaw Butte, Midvale Hill, and Henley Basin in Gem, Payette, and Washington counties.

Its range is bounded on the south by the Payette River, on the west by the Snake River and on the northeast by lava flows. Their habitat is typified by rolling hills, basins, and flats at an altitude of between 670 and 975 meters (2,198 and 3,199 ft).

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