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Geometrie carre
A square and its diagonals
Drawing a square

A square is a shape with four equal sides and four corners that are all right angles (90 degrees). The diagonals of a square also cross at right angles. The angle between any diagonal and a side of a square is 45 degrees. A square has rotational symmetry of four. It has four lines of regular symmetry. A square with vertices A, B, C and D can be written as \square ABCD.

A square is a type of rectangle with all sides of equal length. However, while a square is a type of rectangle and rhombus, the opposite does not need to be true.

A square is also the 2-dimensional analogue of a cube.


If the length of side a is known, then we have that:

Perimeter 4a
Area a^2
Length of diagonal \sqrt{2}a

If the length of diagonal d is known, then we have that:

Length of side \frac{d}{\sqrt{2}}
Perimeter 2d\sqrt{2}
Area \frac{d^2}{2}

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