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A square is a shape with four equal sides and four equal angles.

Square may also mean:


Units of Measure

Engineering and drafting

  • Carpentry square
  • Combination square
  • Machinist square
  • Speed square
  • Steel square
  • Set square
  • T-square
  • Try square


A town square or market square is an open area commonly found in the heart of a traditional town. Notable squares include:

Other locations called "Square" include:


  • Infantry square, a military tactical formation
  • Pike square, a military tactical formation
  • Square Division


  • Square (band)

Sport and leisure

  • a modifier adjective, used when describing fielding positions in cricket
  • an adjective or noun, used when describing two positions parallel with one another relative to the goal in football


  • Square (slang), a cigarette
  • Square (slang), an unhip person
  • Square (cipher), a cryptographic block cipher
  • Square (album) by Buck 65
  • Square Enix, a video game company
    • Square Co.
    • Square Electronic Arts
    • Square Pictures
  • Square dance
  • Square engine
  • Mandarin square, a Chinese insignia
  • Square rig, a sailing term
  • Reef knot, also known as a square knot
  • An astrological aspect of 90 degrees
  • "■", written character
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