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Summerlee Heritage Park is an industrial museum in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. It has won several awards. It was built on the old Summerlee ironworks. It also uses the main workshop of the old Hyrdocon Crane factory.

The museum closed in 2006 for a £10Million refurbishment. It re-opened in 2008.

The old main hall has been re-built. The museum tries to show Lanarkshire's contribution to engineering. There are interactive displays and a children's "Discovery Zone".

The museum also displays several railway steam locomotives, preserved carriages from a 1960s era Glasgow "Blue Train" and has a short working tramline.


In the late 1980s, the Summerlee Transport Group (STG) was formed, in order to support the maintenance and operation of the tramway. The original tramway used to terminate only 300 yards from the entrance at the timber shed, before the extension of the Gartsherrie Branch canal bridge and thence towards the Miners' Cottages. As continued tradition, the cars continued to halt at the timber shed before continuing over the bridge and around the bend; however, those tradition was discontinued in the late 2010s.

The tramway opened in 1988 and was the first operational tramway in Scotland for over a quarter of a century, following the closure of the Glasgow Corporation Tramway in 1962, and continued to be the only tramway in Scotland for twenty-six years until Edinburgh reopened its tramway in 2014, save from the Glasgow Garden Festival Tramway, which opened six weeks after the Summerlee Line.

Whilst the first two operational trams at Summerlee were continental cars - Brussels 9062 and Graz 225 - it has always been the intention to use traditional British cars, preferably with local connections, which is now being realized.

There was also an Oporto donor car at the site, which was never operational and purchased for spare parts.

Original System Car Number Built Date Acquired Seats Livery Status Notes Image
Lanarkshire Tramways Company 53 1908 1995 59 Green and white Operational Open-top double-decker Coatbridge. - - 80756.jpg
Düsseldorf 392 1951 1999 10 Cream Operational Wheelchair access tram from Germany Summerlee - Scotland's Noisiest Industrial Museum - - 436893.jpg
Glasgow Corporation Tramways (Ex. Paisley and District Tramways) 1017 (Ex. Paisley 17) 1904  ? 20 Orange and cream Operational Single Decker (ex. Double Decker) - Glasgow "School" Car with raised floor. The raised floor promoted better visibility for trainee drivers receiving instruction from the motorman Cumoan, Gerraff! - - 1471801.jpg
Glasgow Corporation Tramways 1245 1939 2002 64 Orange, green and cream Currently undergoing long-term restoration Coronation Class Tram

1245 at summerlee museum.jpg

Brussels Tramway Network 9062 1959 1988 unknown Cream Scrapped in 2004 after act of vandalism First operation tram at Summerlee, and first operational tram in Scotland for 26 years. Summerlee - Scotland's Noisiest Industrial Museum - - 436898.jpg
Graz Tramway Network 225 1949 1988 unknown Purple Sold to the Brighton Tram 53 Society in 2010 Restored to its former glory whilst at Summerlee, but later deemed surplus to requirements. After being left outside, it fell into disrepair again, and became a donor vehicle for Brighton Tram 53 A Long Way from Graz - - 1471792.jpg

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