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Susam Sokağı is the Turkish adaptation of children's television program Sesame Street. It was aired on weekday mornings 9:00 a.m. on TRT, the state television in Turkey, between the late 1980s and early 1990s. It involved a street design in a studio, and used original Sesame Street material, translated and adapted.


  • Real People
    • Tahsin Usta: lit. Master Tahsin A repairman and Sabiha Teyze's husband. (Alp Öyken)
    • Zehra Teyze: lit. Aunt Zehra A greengrocer. (Güven Hokna)
    • Nihat Amca: lit. Uncle Nihat A stationery store owner. (Alpay İzbırak)
    • Hakan Abi: lit. Bro. Hakan A young man who plays the guitar in the neighborhood. (Tevfik Tolga Tecer)
    • Zeynep Abla: lit. Sis. Zeynep A young woman living in the street. (Aslı Öyken Taylan)
    • Sabiha Teyze: lit. Aunt Sabiha A tailor and Tahsin Usta's wife. (Betül Arım)
  • Muppets
    • Minik Kuş: lit. Little Bird Adaptation of Big Bird. He's red in color and is called "little bird" despite his large size. As a local adaptation, he's living in the fictional street with Real People characters.
    • Kırpık: Adaptation of Oscar the Grouch. Lives in a wooden basket larger than the original one. As a local adaptation, he's living in the fictional street with Real People characters.
    • Edi ve Büdü: Adaptation of Ernie and Bert. Taken from the idiom "Edi ve Büdü", based on a folktale, which is used for two people getting along well, particularly used for older couples.
    • Kurbağacık: lit. Little Froggie Adaptation of Kermit. Kermit's name is Kermit as usual in the Muppet Show episodes shown in Turkey and only adapted into Kurbağacık in Susam Sokağı.
    • Kurabiye Canavarı: Adaptation of Cookie Monster. Name is literally translated.
    • Açıkgöz: lit. Alert Adaptation of Grover.

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