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Genre Musical Adventure
Created by Travis Braun
Directed by Chris Gilligan (Supervising Director)
Collette Sunderman (Dialogue Director)
Geoff Taylor (Art Director)
Voices of
Opening theme "Time to Fly with T.O.T.S." by Rob Cantor
Ending theme "Time to Fly with T.O.T.S." (Instrumental)
  • Rob Cantor
  • Gregory James Jenkins
  • Greg Nicolett
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 47 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Chris Prynoski
  • Shannon Prynoski
  • Ben Kalina
  • Victor Cook
  • Travis Braun (co) {Season 1} executive producer {Season 2-present}
  • Chris Gilligan (co)
Producer(s) Winnie Chaffee
Guy Toubes (Co-Producer)
Drew Tolman (Line Producer)
Running time 22 minutes
(two 11-minute segments per half-hour)
Production company(s) Titmouse, Inc.
Original network Disney Junior
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original release June 14, 2019 (2019-06-14) – present (present)

T.O.T.S. (also known as Tiny Ones Transport Service) is an American computer-animated television series. Created by Travis Braun, it is a production of Titmouse, Inc.. The show debuted on Disney Junior on June 14, 2019. It focuses on Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo who tend the babies during their lives at a daycare-like transporting service nursery for infants.


Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo are two delivery birds in-training at T.O.T.S. (the Tiny Ones Transport Service). Together, the two help take care of the babies, where they travel around the globe to find their forever families in need while learning to solve problems under the guidance of K.C the Koala and Captain Beakman, along with the other delivery storks.


List of T.O.T.S. episodes



  • Pip the Penguin (voiced by Jet Jurgensmeyer) – A young delivery bird who serves as Freddy's navigator and is the main protagonist of the series, along with Freddy. First mentioned in episode "Back to Cool", his birthplace is Iceberg Alley, home of Penn and his parents, and other penguins. His very known catchphrase is "This penguin's got a plan!"
  • Freddy the Flamingo (voiced by Christian J. Simon) – The other young delivery bird who is Pip's partner, and the one who does the flying. Freddy's also the main protagonist, along with Pip. Freddy has long wings that help him fly. His very known catchphrase is "Flamin-go!"
  • Captain Candace Beakman (voiced by Vanessa Williams) – The leader of T.O.T.S. and the mother of Mia the kitten. Her very known catchphrase is "Let's get these tots to their moms and pops!". Beakman has a younger sister named Cora.
  • K.C the Koala (voiced by Megan Hilty) – A worker at T.O.T.S. who tends to the infants in the nursery before they get delivered. K.C is also a guitarist. K.C has a brother, two sisters, a grandmother, and a surrogate uncle who is a cow. K.C affectionately calls the infants at T.O.T.S. as "Lil' Nuggets".


  • Bodhi (voiced by Parvesh Cheena) – An insecure stork deliverer with the biggest wings at T.O.T.S. Bodhi tends to get spooked by mostly ordinary things, but is willing to help when assistance is needed.
  • Ava (voiced by Melanie Minichino) – A street-talking white female stork deliverer at T.O.T.S. Her catchphrase is "Rock On!".
  • J.P. (voiced by Henri Lubatti) – A narcissistic and proud stork deliverer at T.O.T.S. who speaks in a male French accent. J.P is one of the finest deliverers at T.O.T.S. as J.P won "Delivery Bird of the Month" ten consecutive times, thus Pip and Freddy see him as a role model. J.P was also the company's fastest deliverer until J.P was succeeded by Ava who in turn was succeeded by Bodhi. In the premiere episode of Season 2, Puppy Problems, J.P becomes a father to a baby dachshund puppy named Lucky who is very mischievous but J.P. fails to notice this.
  • Paulie (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) – A parrot who is the air traffic controller at T.O.T.S. and often speaks his sentences twice.
  • Mr. Woodbird (voiced by Eric Bauza) – A woodpecker who is the janitor at T.O.T.S. who sometimes gives Pip and Freddy ideas that are solutions to their problems.
  • Mia (voiced by Charlie Townsend) – A baby kitten, who is the adopted daughter of Captain Beakman. Her catchphrase is "Mia help! Mia help!" when someone wants help with something, but even she needs help. In the episode "Lend Me Your Paw", Mia looks up to Pip and Freddy as her big brothers. Mia was the only baby whose name didn't start with the same letter as her animal species, until Lucky came along.
  • Lucky (voiced by Alessandra Perez) – A baby dachshund puppy that loves to act mischievous and is the adopted son of J.P. In “All Aboard Babies,” Lucky's shown to love dancing and showing off his moves to other babies.
  • Red, Jed, and Zed (voiced by Hadley Gannaway, Remy Edgerly, and Julian Edwards) – The stork triplets who visit T.O.T.S. in the episode "Training Daze" and want to be become junior fliers. They appear again having a hard time teaming up to deliver a baby moose in "Junior Junior Fliers".
  • Cora (voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown) – Captain Beakman's sister and Mia's adoptive aunt, introduced in "The Ring Bear".
  • Sam (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – Cora's husband, whom she marries in "The Ring Bear".


The show was greenlit by Disney in April 2018. In February 2019, T.O.T.S. was renewed for a second season ahead of its broadcast premiere; which premiered in the USA on August 7, 2020. The show debuted on Disney Junior and Disney Channel in the United States on June 14, 2019 and on Disney Junior in Canada on June 22. On August 5, 2020, the series was renewed for a third season ahead of the second season premiere.

Home media

Home media is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

Region Title Episode(s) Release date Length Aspect ratio Note(s)
1 Bringing This Baby Home
  • You've Gotta Be Kitten Me/Whale, Hello There
  • Panda Excess/A Stinky Situation
  • Cheetah Chase/Training Daze
  • Nursery Schooling/Bunny Bonanza
  • The Purrfect Little Helper/The Colorful Chameleon
  • Stripe Out/A Splashy Delivery
  • Night Flight/Slippery When Wet
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