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Tom Lehrer (born 9 April 1928), also known as Thomas Andrew Lehrer, is an American singer-songwriter, pianist and mathematician. Lehrer is known for his very funny songs which were written in the 1950s and 1960s. Many people consider him a genius because of the hilarious lyrics in his songs. He is known for songs such as Pollution and notably "The elements" which is a list of the chemical elements that are,as he says, "Set to a possibly recognizable tune," which is, in this case, the "Major-General's Song".

Tom Lehrer and Georg Kreisler

There has been a heated debate between Tom Lehrer fans and Georg Kreisler fans about who wrote which song first? Kreisler wrote "Die Hand" which had many features that were the same with "I hold your hand in mine" which was written by Lehrer. Another song was "Taubenvergiften im Park" which is also very similar to "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" by Lehrer. This debate has gone for years, and because both had denied from copying each other's idea, it cannot be decided if Kreisler wrote it first or Lehrer. According to Lehrer himself, he said it was not fair that Kreisler gets to get a recording before he gets to do his. Despite this being vital evidence against him, he claims that he done this song long before the recording was made in concerts around America.


Lehrer earned his AB in Mathematics in 1946, and an MA degree the following year. He wrote the songs: "New Math" and "That's Mathematics" to show his passion for the subject.

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