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A trio is a group of three things, or a group of three persons who are doing something together.

In music

  • Trio (music), three people performing music together
  • Piano trio (piano, violin, cello)
  • String trio (violin, viola, cello)
  • Trio (jazz) (piano, double bass, drums)
  • Power trio (electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit)
  • The middle section of a piece which is usually a minuet and trio or scherzo and trio
  • The third section of a march (music)
  • Trio (band), a German pop band who wrote "Da da da"
  • The Trio, one incarnation of Trey Anastasio (band)
  • Trio (album), a 1987 recording by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. The group is also sometimes referred to as Trio.
  • Trio 2 (album), a 1998 recording by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt
  • The Trio, a live 1961 album featuring a jazz trio led by the Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson

In other entertainment:

  • Trio (TV network), a former American cable and satellite television channel owned by NBC Universal
  • Trio (novel), a 1943 novel by Dorothy Baker
  • Trio (1950 film), a movie directed by Ken Annakin
  • Trio (TV series), a South Korean television drama produced by the MBC in 2002
  • Trio (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of the television series Stargate Atlantis

Other uses:

  • Trio, a speaker phone, personal handset and voice recorder made by Ipevo
  • Trio AB, a Swedish telecommunications company
  • Trio, South Carolina
  • The European trade name of Japanese concern Kenwood Electronics
  • An Australian company producing durable DVD Players
  • A United Kingdom chocolate bar of the 1980s
  • The S3 Trio 3D Graphics Accelerator.
  • The Trio or Tiriyó people of South America, or the Tiriyó language
  • An abstract family of languages with particular closure properties

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