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Uchee Creek
Other name(s) Euchee Creek, Yuchi Creek
Country United States
State Georgia
County Columbia
City Grovetown
Physical characteristics
Main source North of Harlem
477.65 ft (145.59 m)
River mouth Little River
North of Evans
187.93 ft (57.28 m)
Basin features
  • Left:
    • Broad Branch
    • Long Branch
  • Right:
    • Spring Creek
    • Horn Creek
    • Mill Branch
    • Tudor Branch

Uchee Creek is a stream in the east-central part of the U.S. state of Georgia. It derives its name from the Yuchi (or Uchee) Indians, who once lived in the area. Variant spellings are Euchee Creek and Yuchi Creek.

Its source is just north of Harlem, and its mouth is at the Little River north of Evans. Both Harlem–Grovetown Road and William Few Parkway have two crossing of Uchee Creek each. The stream only flows through a portion of one city, Grovetown, through which it flows through the far northwestern part.


Uchee Creek begins at its source, which is just north of Harlem. This point is located between Fairview Drive and U.S. Route 221 and Georgia State Route 47 (US 221/SR 47; Appling–Harlem Road). The stream flows to the southeast and goes underneath of US 221/SR 47 and immediately afterward goes underneath Robert Moore Road. It winds its way to the east and resumes its southeasterly course, where it flows underneath of Harlem–Grovetown Road. It then bends to an east-southeasterly direction. It curves to the east-northeast and meets the mouth of Spirit Creek. Uchee Creek flows to the northeast, between Rockford Drive and Carlene Drive. It heads back to the east-northeast and goes underneath of Old Louisville Road. After meeting the mouth of Horn Creek, it flows to the north and then back to the northeast. Northwest of Wells Lake, it twists to the north. It curves back to the north-northeast. Upon flowing underneath Harlem–Grovetown Road for a second time, it enters the city limits of Grovetown and begins to traverse the western edge of Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek, a future portion of the Euchee Creek Greenway. It enters the trails property and flows underneath the northernmost trail at two different locations. It bends to the north-northwest and goes under this trail before leaving the property. It flows just west of the property and meets the mouth of Broad Branch. Here, it begins flowing back to the northeast. Upon going underneath of SR 223 (Wrightsboro Road), it leaves Grovetown and the trail property. Uchee Creek then flows to the north-northeast and travels underneath of Canterbury Farms Parkway and part of the Euchee Creek Greenway in two places. It heads to the north and flows under the Greenway again. Almost immediately, it flows underneath Interstate 20 (I-20; Carl Sanders Highway). After going under William Few Parkway, it heads back to the north-northeast and then meets the mouth of Mill Branch. The stream flows under SR 232 (Columbia Road). It then travels through the Bartram Trail Golf Club. It then twists back to the northeast. Upon meeting the mouth of Tudor Branch, it bends back to the north-northeast. It then flows just to the west of Blanchard Woods Park and changes direction back to the north-northwest. It then flows under SR 104 (Washington Road) on the G.B. "Dip" Lamkin Bridge. The stream begins to bend back to the north-northeast. Immediately after meeting the mouth of Long Branch, it flows under William Few Parkway for a second time. It widens out briefly before narrowing just before its mouth, at the Little River.


Crossing Carries Location Built Coordinates Reference
unnamed bridge US 221 / SR 47 (Appling–Harlem Road) North of Harlem
unnamed bridge Robert Moore Road
unnamed bridge Harlem–Grovetown Road Northeast of Harlem
unnamed bridge Old Louisville Road North of Berzelia
unnamed bridge Harlem–Grovetown Road Grovetown 1996
unnamed bridge Grovetown Trails at Euchee Creek
unnamed bridge
unnamed bridge SR 223 (Wrightsboro Road) 2011
unnamed bridge Canterbury Farms Parkway North of Grovetown
unnamed bridge Euchee Creek Greenway
unnamed bridge
unnamed bridge
unnamed bridge I-20 (Carl Sanders Highway / SR 402) 1966
unnamed bridge William Few Parkway 1984
unnamed bridge SR 232 (Columbia Road) 1982
G.B. "Dip" Lamkin Bridge SR 104 (Washington Road) Northwest of Evans 1971
unnamed bridge William Few Parkway
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