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Urinary system
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1. Human urinary system: 2. Kidney, 3. Renal pelvis, 4. Ureter, 5. Urinary bladder, 6. Urethra. (Left side with frontal section)
7. Adrenal gland
Vessels: 8. Renal artery and vein, 9. Inferior vena cava, 10. Abdominal aorta, 11. Common iliac artery and vein
Transparent: 12. Liver, 13. Large intestine, 14. Pelvis
Latin Systema urinarium

The urinary system (the urinary tract) is a system of organs that makes urine/pee and takes it out of the body.

Urine is watery waste of the body. Our body needs to collect this waste and get rid of it. Our body makes urine in two organs - the kidneys. To make urine, kidneys filter blood from blood vessels.

Organs of the urinary system

The urinary includes several organs: the kidneys, ureters, the urinary bladder, and urethra.

How the urinary system works

The kidneys remove waste chemicals like urea from the blood. The blood containing chemical wastes enters the kidneys through the renal arteries. The blood is processed through the nephron to make urine. Urine is yellow water with waste chemicals in it.

Then the urine goes down from the kidneys to the urinary bladder. It goes to it through two tubes - one tube from each kidney. The tubes are called ureters.

The urinary bladder is a soft container. It has muscles. Its muscles can make it bigger or smaller. It becomes bigger when it is full of urine. At such times we feel it, and we have to pee.

There is one tube that goes out of the urinary bladder. This tube lets the urine out of the body. This tube is the urethra.

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