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Utah Valley Marathon
Utah Valley Marathon logo.svg
Date June 1, 2019
Location Utah Valley
Event type road
Distance Marathon Half Marathon 10k_run
Established 2008
Official site

The Utah Valley Marathon (UVM) is an annual marathon foot-race in Northern Utah held on the first Saturday of June. The marathon course is USA Track & Field (USATF) certified and is a Boston Marathon qualifier.


The race was started in 2008 by Hyrum Oaks and Jeremiah West. The inaugural marathon was held on April 12, 2008. Between 2009 and 2018, the race was moved to the second Saturday in June. Beginning in 2019, the race will be held on the first Saturday in June to avoid conflicts with local festivals. In 2008, there were 120 marathon runners. In 2009, the number of marathon runners had grown to 748. Since 2009, the marathon has been part of the Utah Grand Slam.

The race is put on largely by volunteers. CharityVision (formerly Desseret International), Mentor's International, Mac's Gift (formerly the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation), and Road to Success are the four primary charities. The Children with Cancer Christmas foundation has been part of the race since its inception in 2008. In 2010, CharityVision (formerly Deseret International) was added as a second charitable recipient. In 2013, Mentor's International and the Road to Success charities were added.

Between 2008 and 2011, the event included a 5K. In 2012, the 5K distance was removed in favor of a 10K race. In 2010, a half-marathon race was added.

In 2009, twenty-five members of the Pleasant Grove Fire Department ran the marathon as part of their annual physical fitness test. The same year, the UVM was the first local race to allow footbikes.

Race Courses

Marathon Course

The 26 mile 385 yard course runs through Wasatch and Utah Counties. The marathon begins at 6:00 AM (MDT). The 2014 Utah Valley Marathon has a cap of 2,000 marathon runners. The race begins in Wallsburg, UT at an elevation of 5,963 feet (1,818 m) and heads northwest through Wallsburg along Highway 222. At the intersection of U.S. Route 189, the course turns west and follows the Deer Creek Reservoir until U.S. Route 189 reaches Provo Canyon. U.S. Route 189 is also known as the Provo Canyon Scenic Byway. The race continues southwest through Provo Canyon along the Provo River until the road merges with University Avenue (U.S. Route 189) in Orem. The race continues south along University Avenue through Orem and Provo until the finish line at the intersection of University Avenue and Center Street at an elevation of 4,504 feet (1,373 m)

2010 was the first year that a non-Utah resident won either the men or women's marathon race. Prior to Hillary Kibet Cheruiyot (Of Kenya) winning the men's 2010 race, and Claudia Camargo-Nero (a New York resident from Argentina) winning the women's 2010 race, only United States born, Utah residents had won the marathon race for either gender.

In 2011, Hillary Kibet Cheruiyot (KEN) won the men's race for the second year in a row. Utah resident Kassi Harmon (USA), a Brigham Young University (BYU) steeplechase All-American, won the women's division.

In 2012, Peter Kemboi (KEN) won the men's race for the first time. Utah resident Emily Bates (USA) won the women's division.

In 2013, Bryant Jensen (USA) won the men's race for the first time. Amber Green (USA) won the women's division. Both winners are Utah residents. 2013 marked a change in the marathon course. For the first time, runners ran against traffic. Barrel cones closed off the traffic lane to oncoming automobiles providing runners with a corridor within which to run. This change in traffic also allowed traffic to flow more smoothly at the Highway 222 and U.S. Route 189 intersection as runners do not need to cross across traffic, thus allowing traffic to flow continuously.

Half-Marathon Course

The 21.0975-kilometre (13.1094 mi) course begins in Provo Canyon at the midpoint of the full marathon course. The starting line is just south of the Highway 92 and U.S. Route 189 intersection. The course follows the marathon course down through the canyon and along University Avenue until the finish line at the Provo Towne Centre mall.

In 2010, USA residents Seth Pilkington and Lindsey Dunkley won the men's and women's respective half-marathon titles.

In 2011, Brad Osguthorpe won the men's half-marathon title and Andrea North won the women's half-marathon title.

In 2012, Kyle Perry won the men's half-marathon title. Kassi Harmon won the women's half-marathon title.

In 2013, Joshua McCabe won the men's title and Kassi Harmon repeated as the women's half-marathon title winner.

The 2014 Utah Valley Half-Marathon has a cap of 2,500 runners. The half-marathon begins at 6:00 AM (MDT).

10K Course

Beginning in 2012, the race added a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) event. This distance starts in the neighborhoods just south of the mouth of Provo Canyon near Canyon Crest Elementary school in Provo, and ends at the common finish area in downtown Provo at University Avenue and Center Street.

The 2014 Utah Valley Marathon 10K has a cap of 2,000 runners.

1K Course

For 2012, the race will add a 1-kilometre (0.62 mi) kids race. This race will be for children 12 years of age and under. The race will be free for all participants. The race will end at the same finish line as the full marathon, half-marathon, and 10K.

The 2014 Utah Valley Marathon Free Kids' 1K has a cap of 2,000 children, ages 12 or under as of race day.

5K Course

The 5K was discontinued as of the 2012 event.

List of winners

Marathon Distance

Year Men's Winner Time Country Women's Winner Time Country
2018 Nicholas Arciniaga 2:21:26  United States Kayla Brown 2:51:31  United States
2017 Bryant Jensen 2:20:20  United States Ramona Sanchez 2:46:47  United States
2016 Stanley Boen 2:23:41  United States Amber Green 2:50:37  United States
2015 David Tuwei 2:30:10.0  United States Natalie Callister 2:48:52.2  United States
2014 Ezekiel Kiplagat 2:25:36.6  Kenya Danya Crawford 2:51:21.5  United States
2013 Bryant Jensen 2:20:27  United States Amber Green 2:51:43  United States
2012 Peter Kemboi 2:28:56  Kenya Emily Bates 2:56:49  United States
2011 Hillary Kibet Cheruiyot 2:19:18  Kenya Kassi Harmon 2:49:19  United States
2010 Hillary Kibet Cheruiyot 2:21:28.9  Kenya Claudia Camargo-Nero 2:46:21.9  Argentina
2009 Seth Wold 2:26:22.90  United States Mary Ann Schauerhamer 3:00:41.60  United States
2008 Steven Ashbaker 2:37:08.60  United States Josse Tobiasson 3:15:40.40  United States

Half-Marathon Distance

Year Men's Winner Time Country Women's Winner Time Country
2018 Nathan Peters 1:07:04  United States Joy Miller 1:18:50  United States
2017 Nicolas Montanez 1:04:29  United States Samantha Diaz 1:17:00  United States
2016 Brett Hales 1:05:45  United States Sariah Long 1:19:35  United States
2015 Brett Hales 1:05:45.2  United States Natalie Como 1:18:38.0  United States
2014 Tylor Thatcher 1:05:45.8  United States Natalie Como 1:19:54.2  United States
2013 Joshua McCabe 1:06:53  United States Kassi Harmon 1:18:44  United States
2012 Kyle Perry 1:06:43  United States Kassi Harmon 1:21:16  United States
2011 Brad Osguthorpe 1:05:03  United States Andrea North 1:17:54  United States
2010 Seth Pilkington 1:06:05.8  United States Lindsey Dunkley 1:13:33.0  United States

Number of Finishers

Year 5K 10K Half-Marathon Full Marathon TOTAL
2008 102 102 204
2009 356 595 951
2010 622 783 1445 2850
2011 365 1948 1656 3969
2012 432 2511 2044 4987
2013 358 1972 1471 3801
2014 316 1513 1426 3255
2015 419 1660 1145 3224
2016 371 1276 955 2602
2017 879 1943 1176 5578
2018 403 1177 889 2469
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