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Wizard(s) may mean:

Fictional characters


  • Wizard (Archie Comics), an Archie comic book superhero
  • Wizard (DC Comics), a DC comic book supervillain
  • Wizard (Marvel Comics), a Marvel comic book supervillain
  • The Wizard (comic), a weekly comic from D. C. Thomson & Co.

Film and television

  • The Wizard (film), a 1989 American film about a skilled video game player
  • The Wizard (TV series), a short-lived 1980s CBS television series
  • "The Wizard" (Seinfeld episode)
  • Wizards (film), a 1977 animated post-apocalyptic fantasy/science fiction film by Ralph Bakshi
  • Mr. Wizard, the stage name of Don Herbert as the host of two popular television shows about science for children


  • Wizard (card game), a trick-taking card game
  • Wizard (character class), magic-wielding character types in many role-playing games
  • Wizards of the Coast or Wizards, a Seattle-based games publisher


  • Wizard (novel), a science fiction novel by John Varley
  • Wizard (magazine), a magazine about comic books
  • Wizards (anthology), an anthology of fantasy short fiction edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois
  • Wizard (DC Thomson), a British comic that featured Wilson of the Wizard and was merged to Rover
  • The Wizard, a novel by Gene Wolfe in the series The Wizard Knight



  • Wizard (software), a computer user interface that leads a user through dialog steps


  • Ozzie Smith, baseball player nicknamed "The Wizard"
  • Gus Williams (basketball), basketball player nicknamed "The Wizard"
  • Juan Quarterone, soccer player nicknamed "El Brujo" or "The Wizard"
  • Jeff Farmer (footballer), nicknamed "The Wizard"
  • Wizard of Menlo Park, nickame for American inventor Thomas Edison
  • Wizard of New Zealand, born Ian Brackenbury Channell, orator and eccentric

Other uses

  • Wizard butterfly, the brush-footed butterfly Rhinopalpa polynice
  • Wizard, a GWR Iron Duke Class steam locomotive
  • Wizard Nebula, an open cluster located in the constellation Cepheus

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  • The Wizard of Id, a daily newspaper comic created by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart
  • Grand Wizard and Imperial Wizard, titles in the Ku Klux Klan
  • Pinball Wizard, a song from The Who's rock opera Tommy

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