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Japan prov map yoshino716
Location of Yoshino Province c. 716.

Yoshino Province (芳野監 Yoshino-gen), also known as Washū, was an old province of Japan in the area of Nara Prefecture on the island of Honshū. The history of the province started in 716 and ended in 738.


Flickr - …trialsanderrors - Hokusai, Yoshitsune Umarai waterfall at Yoshino in Washū, ca. 1833
View of Yoshino Province, woodblock print by Hokusai, 1833

The province was established when Yoshino District was separated from Yamato Province.

Yoshino Province was abolished sometime after 738. It was reformed as part of Yamato Province.

The Buddhist temple of Hisosan-ji was established in the province.

Yoshino was known for locally produced varnishes called lacquer. Cups and bowls and other lacquer ware (Yoshino nuri) were typically black and red. Yoshino lacquer (Yoshino urushi) was evaluated as superior.

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