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Coin featuring Aemilian
Reign June-September 253
Full name Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus
Born 207 or 213
Birthplace Girba, Africa
Died September 253
Place of death near Spoletium, Italia (aged 40 or 46)
Predecessor Trebonianus Gallus and Volusianus
Successor Valerian and Gallienus
Wife Cornelia Supera

Aemilianus (c. 207/213 – September 253), also known as Aemilian, was Roman Emperor for three months in 253.

Commander of the Moesian troops, he obtained an important victory against the invading Goths and was, for this reason, acclaimed Emperor by his army.

He then moved quickly to Roman Italy, where he defeated Emperor Trebonianus Gallus at the Battle of Interamna Nahars in August 253, only to be killed by his own men a month later when another general, Valerian, proclaimed himself Emperor and moved against Aemilian with a larger army.


He was born in Tunisia in North Africa. He was a military commander and was sent to defend the Danube.

After defeating the Goths (a barbarian tribe) in modern-day Bulgaria, his soldiers proclaimed him as an Emperor instead of Trebonianus Gallus, the emperor at the time. His coinage shows that his public focused on his capability as a military commander—he defeated the Goths when nobody thought this possible, and this proved that he was the right man for the job of restoring the power of the Roman Empire.

After defeating Gallus in battle at Interamna (Northern Italy), he captured the capital city of the empire, Rome.

When Valerianus, Governor of Roman Germany, arrived in Italy, bringing troops to re-enforce Gallus, Aemilianus' troops killed him. They did not want a civil war and Valerian had a bigger army than Aemilianus.

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