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Anderson is both a first name and a family name. In Scotland, the name first appeared in records of the 14th century as "Fitz Andreu" (it means "son of Andrew"). Anderson is one of the most common family names. It is especially common in Scotland, United States, Canada and England.

People with Anderson as a family name include Rona Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Loni Anderson, Laurie Anderson and Lynn Anderson.

People with Anderson as a first name include Anderson Cooper, who is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

People with Anderson as a first name

  • Anderson Dawson (1863-1910), Australian politician
  • Anderson Hernández (born 1982), Dominican former Major League Baseball player, currently playing in the Mexican League
  • Anderson Ribeiro (born 1981), Brazilian footballer
  • Anderson Varejão (born 1982), Brazilian National Basketball Association player

People with Anderson as a last name

  • Alf Anderson (1914-1985), American baseball player
  • Ben Anderson (born 1975), British journalist
  • Bibi Andersson (born 1935), Swedish actress
  • Bud Anderson (born 1922), American aviator and flying ace
  • Charles D. Anderson (1827–1901), Confederate general
  • Daphne Anderson (1922–2013), British actress
  • Martina Anderson (born 1962), Northern Irish politician
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