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Angels in the Endzone
Angels in the Endzone.jpg
Home release cover
Directed by Gary Nadeau
Written by Alan Eisenstock
Larry Mintz
Starring Paul Dooley
Matthew Lawrence
David Gallagher
Christopher Lloyd
Music by Frédéric Talgorn
Cinematography Ron Orieux
Editing by Jeff Freeman
Distributed by
Release date(s) November 9, 1997 (1997-11-09)
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Angels in the Endzone is a 1997 American fantasy film directed by Gary Nadeau and starring Christopher Lloyd. It is a sequel to the 1994 film Angels in the Outfield. The film is about a high school football team that lacks skill.


The Westfield Angels high school football team have not won a game in years. Jesse Harper is their best player and is playing as tailback, shedding a new light for the team. After a terrible accident in a rainstorm in which his father, Peter Harper, dies, he feels lonely and quits the team. Peter was actually a football star in his high school days.

On the night that Jesse quits, Kevin, his younger brother, confronts him and tells him that football was a major part of his life. He tells him that he belongs in the team. He responds by saying that the only way he would get back into it is if it starts winning.

Kevin prays to the angels to come and help the team to win some games, so that Jesse would start playing again. The next day, they come. They are headed by Al, the only returning character from Angels in the Outfield. Kevin is the only one who can see them, though.

Game after game after game, Westfield keep winning with the angels' help. Kevin becomes a "lucky charm" for his brother's football team, since he can tell Coach Buck what the angels need.

At the same time elsewhere, Jesse begins to associate with shady teenage bookie Bodean and his friend Tyler, who had previously profited greatly over Westfield's losses, but have since started losing money due to their angel-assisted victories. At one point, Jesse inadvertently distracts a gas station attendant with a fill-up and a window washing while Bodean robs the station's cash registers to recoup his losses as Tyler observes. Jesse soon notices the robbery in progress, but hesitates to say anything to the attendant as he pays him, and the three quickly drive off just as the attendant discovers the robbery, with Jesse accidentally leaving his wallet behind in the process. The station attendant picks up the wallet and reports the crime, and the police later encounter Jesse walking home after cutting ties with Bodean and Tyler over the robbery and, after questioning him, bring him back home. With the information he gives them, Bodean and Tyler are arrested at the championship game several days later.

The day before the championship game, Coach Buck asks Jesse if he could possibly come back to play for the team. He accepts, since now he has confidence that they can win.

The climax comes on the day of the game, coincidentally between the Westfield Angels and the Screaming Demons. However, Kevin is facing a slight predicament, because there is a sort of "heavenly law" that angels can't help in championship games. In the end, he motivates the team by spontaneously flapping his arms like an angel. Soon, the entire football field is filled with people doing the same thing. Jesse starts to run for a 50-yard touchdown remembering the words of his father. As Jesse scores the touchdown, he sees the spirit of his father. Jesse hugs his father and transcends to the team cheering and lifting up Jesse and Kevin. Westfield wins the championship.


  • Paul Dooley as Coach Buck
  • Matthew Lawrence as Jesse Harper
  • David Gallagher as Kevin Harper
  • Jack Coleman as Peter Harper
  • Lynda Boyd as Grace Harper
  • Allan Zinyk as Artie
  • Christopher Lloyd as The Boss Angel aka Al
  • Ken Kirzinger as Angel #1
  • Ron Robinson as Angel #2
  • David Paul Grove as Angel #3
  • James Hibbardas Angel #4
  • Kate Twa as Angel #5
  • Curtis Bechdholt as Shotgun
  • Jason Emanuel as Kerner
  • Trevor Roberts as Hogg
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