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Apfelwein Geripptes Bembel.jpg
Apfelwein with Bembel
Type Cider
Country of origin Germany
Color Gold
Ingredients Granny Smith or Bramley Apples

Apfelwein ([ˈʔapfl̩vaɪn] German, 'apple wine'), or Viez ([fiːts] Moselfranken, Saarland, Trier, vice) or Most ([mɔst] Austria, Switzerland, South Germany, must) are German words for cider. It is made from a mix of sour tasting apples, such as "Bohnapfel" or "Speierling", respectively. It has an alcohol content of 4.8–7.0% and a tart, sour taste.

Apfelwein is also regionally known as Ebbelwoi, Äppler, Stöffsche, Apfelmost (apple must), Viez (from Latin vice, the second or substitute wine), and saurer Most (sour must, Süßmost or sweet must is essentially apple juice). Instead of the name Äppler, restaurants and smaller manufacturers may instead call the beverage Schoppen or Schoppe, which actually refers to the measure of the glass.

In the Frankfurt area, berries from the service tree (Sorbus domestica) may be added in small quantities to increase astringency, in which case the specific type of Apfelwein is called Speierling. In modern times, the term Speierling is often also used to refer to any more sour variety of Apfelwein, even if it lacks any juice of the service tree.


Cider-making equipment on display along Viezstraße
Viezstraße road sign

Apfelwein is made from pressed apples. The juice or must is fermented with yeast to produce an alcoholic beverage usually around 6% ABV. It can be made with the addition of the unprocessed juice from the fruit of a small, indigenous tree known as Speierling (Sorbus domestica) or Speyerling, an endangered species that is easily confused with the wild apple.

Apfelwein is mainly produced and consumed in Hesse (where it is the state beverage), particularly in the Frankfurt, Wetterau, and Odenwald areas. It is also found in Moselfranken, Merzig (Saarland), and the Trier area, as well as the lower Saar area and the region bordering on Luxembourg. Several large producers are located in these regions, as well as numerous small, private producers which use traditional recipes. Some of the most famous restaurants where Apfelwein is served are in Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt am Main). Some of these regions have regular cider competitions and fairs, in which the small, private producers participate. Cider songs are composed and sung at these events. The Merzig region crowns a "Viez Queen", and the lower Saar area a "Viez King".

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